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  • stanleonov stanleonov Dec 24, 2008 11:43 PM Flag

    Mechel, Putin and the Russian Government

    I’ve been reading this post and I see a lot of talk about Putin and how he hates Mechel. There is also a lot of talk how this company could be nationalized. All of these assumptions are absolutely false.

    I’m Russian and I read Russian news and I watch Russian TV.
    I remember not to long ago there was a segment on Russian news where President Medvedev went to the opening ceremony of a Mechel factory in Kazakhstan. That segment was specifically shown that the government has nothing against the company. Also, Medvedev has made several speeches where he softly criticized Putin for being so critical of the company. He did not say it directly but that is how it should be interpreted.
    Right now Russia is unveiling a very big stimulus package for the major businesses. There are 250 companies that are going to get help and Mechel is one of them. There is no talk of nationalization at all.
    The government also has acknowledged the outflow of foreign capital in the past few months and that it has hurt the businesses. And of course they understand that nationalizing Mechel or any other publicly traded company would totally kill the economy.

    I agree that that the Mechel share price is depressed because some hedge fund and mutual fund managers think that Mechel might be nationalized or penalized in some other way by the government. But once again this notion is wrong.

    PS I have a long position in MTL

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    • Well I am not Russian and I can not see why the
      Russian Government would nationalize any company (anymore)
      It would have the most adverse affect on how
      the country is viewed not just over here but in Europe
      where Russian companies are solidly integrated in
      certain parts of commerce.
      I certainly am not an expert of politics, but I am of the
      believe, going forward, the USA and Russia will pick
      up the pieces and restore the "Friendship" that they ones
      had, and consequently MTL and other Russian companies
      will benefit.
      I to have a long position in this company, a rather large
      position, and I am willing to continue to add to it
      for as long as this stock is held captive by "politics".
      Again when the bickering ends, this company among others
      will prosper, and I will be part of that.
      The chance of the company going down are far less than
      the company going up, even with a 25% reduction of some

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      • rdhrolf

        American policy towards Russia will not change because the powers that control America,the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank,will prevent our media,congress,President from shedding any positive light about Russia.Russia is NOT part of the private banking cartel and they are too powerful militarily,financially and therefore a threat to this private banking monopoly.

        As Russia moves closer towards democracy without corruption the US becomes more corrupt.While the US loses more alliances the USSR gains more trade partners throughout the World.The US news sources exclude a lot of what there is to know about Russia.

    • Pledging 25% of the Chelyabinsk plant against $85M may be a sign of Putin's trying to get the family in control of Mechel's business inexpensively. The relatively paltry credit line was arranged not with any other bank but Gazprombank for some "strange" reason.
      BTW, Medvedev is Vlad's bootlick worth exactly zero without his master. Everything significant he says is always preapproved by Putin.

    • Right, but do you think your message will support the stock price and stop funds from selling a dog which had decreased in value by 15x times in half a year?

      Let them all sell at the low and be happy. They will be buyers again when it rockets back above 20.

      BTW, the selling may increase as most institutions do not hold stocks which are below 5 for a month or two. It's stupid, but it's a rule for big boys who want to get their year-end bonuses.

    • right on!

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