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  • sblowmeh sblowmeh Dec 2, 2009 12:18 PM Flag

    Credit Suisse - bunch of deadbeats

    Thes guys HAVE BEEN THE WORST AT TIMING MTL upgrades and downgrades. Lets review thir last 5calls...

    Feb 2, 2008, upgrade to ouperform when the stock was @ $32.32, then the stock went to $57, and then to under $3 before they decidedto downgrade. My grade D-, only because it did go up at first, but then it lost over 90% of its value!!! Talk about rip van winkle!

    Dec 1, 2008, downgrade to neutral when stock was @ $4.25. Well, I suppose better late than never! My grade F, this was the worst time to downgrade, wow, really bad. WOW, Im speachless...

    April 1, 2009 downgrade to underperform when stock was @ $4.50. OK, so it went up a little, it basically was neutral, so they were getting on track here, of course right after this 2nd downgrade (again way to late) the stock basically double before their next 'upgrade'. My grade is an F, I would give them a worse grade but there is no such thing.

    July 2nd, upgraded to Neutral when the stock was @ $8.50. Once again these bozos are late to the party, and only to neutral, well, the stock moved a few hundred percent up from here basically, to its 52 week high of over $22 recently. So once again, these fools totally missed the boat, what are these guys paid I could do better maybe they should hire me.

    Dec 2nd (today) 2009, downgrade to underperform from neutral. Well, I can't grade this one yet, but I'm not sure I would even consider it if I wasn't already in this stock. Lets face it these guys have been a$$ backwards at every step they have made, and this is just a buying opportunity for me, I will be adding to my position soon in fact if it pulls back at all.

    So to summarize, they downgraded to underperform when the stock was @ $4.50, and the stock is up about 400% since then, wow, I think I will do my own DD instead of trusting a yahoo the appears to have an agenda and a trigger happy downgrade finger.

    Good luck to the longs!

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