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  • ss100960 ss100960 Feb 5, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Isthere a run going on?

    Double the latest high volume average and selling so short we are about to go into de-listing sub 1.00. Somebody know something?

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    • Not sure. I add 20,000 shares today. I have 220,000 now. There was a Form 4 filed yesterday because Big Lew Pell was buying. It wouldn't surprise me if he bought most of the shares today. He probably feels it is his best chance left in life to double his money this easily.

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      • Both quickratio20 and Mofubroke are clueless pumpers of this dead stock. Make outlandish predictions hoping to sway people to buy this dog. Neither have any clue of whats going on with this company and when you call them out they get #$%$. due yourself a favor stay away from this one.

      • I'm new here, so please fill me in on your thinking.

        I follow insider trading, and I'm being drawn here for the obvious reason. However, from my newbie view, I see nothing more than a company losing money hand over fist. What leads you to believe this stock is an easy double? What's your average purchase price on your 220,000 shares? And how much is the VSCI position of your entire portfolio? Honestly, I find it hard to believe someone posting here owns that many shares, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

        I've seen insiders/CEOs buy lots of their own stock in a few situations in the past, and it isn't a guarantee that things will work out.

        I think you have a little bit of a credibility problem:


        Re: Insider buying
        by quickratio20 . Jun 15, 2011 1:52 PM .

        Thanks Joe! I have to update the ole list! More reasons to load up on VSCI!!! $6 bucks is a layup!
        -Insiders are buying. Lewis Pell just bought 47,000 shares!
        -New Stryker contract locked and loaded!
        -Stryker sales started in April!
        -VA contract locked and loaded!
        -Novation contract locked and loaded!
        -Spineveiw contract locked and loaded!
        -Patents locked and loaded!
        -Record sales last quarter locked and loaded!
        -More sales a coming!!
        -$6 pps a coming!

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