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  • biff_smith1 biff_smith1 Dec 29, 2012 9:54 AM Flag


    Just thought you'd like to know, we have gone through $15, $16, and now $17 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am up 58% on the shares I now own, because I bought more while Ackman was selling
    his to add to his J.C. Penny position! Maybe the young fellow was almost as impatient as you?

    So 58% plus dividends, all since 1/13/12 !! If you can make money faster than that, you go right ahead. I am gonna hang on and SEE where this baby goes!

    P.S. So let's see, if we made 58% in less than a year on everything we ever bought, would that be
    EXCELLENT or just mediocre?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The point is not whether or not #$%$ was a good buy at $15 last year. #$%$ was required to issue $200 million worth of stock on the terms of their spin-off. They did not care if BAM bought it or anyone else. Unfortunately, nobody, including existing shareholders were willing to do so. I believe BAM bought about $190 of the $200 million required. If it was such a bargain why did nobody else out there step up? #$%$ shareholders should thank their lucky stars that BAM was willing to do this. It is great that #$%$ has gone up past this share price but BAM took a lot of heat at the time. BAM did not get a special deal. BAM took on a responsibility. I am sure they would have liked to buy #$%$ at $13 instead of $15 or use their capital elsewhere.

    • yeah i guess the bam scam buying in at 15 worked out ok since they could not have done that on the open market at 15.

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      • beejay, you called me an "idiot" on ggp message board. it's funny how the weak minded always blame others for their own errors.

        call it what you want - you say "scam". perhaps but whatever it is, BAM did you a favor. it agreed to buy rouse at $15 when stock was trading for $13. in the process, it capitalized rouse above the then market rate. if you were smart, you would have taken that gift and loaded up when it was $13. instead you now watch helplessly as it approaches $18, its fair value. all while blaming someone else for your inability to take advantage of a freebie opportunity. that opportunity is gone now. weak.

        you made yourself sound like a total idiot on that one, beejay.

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