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  • chipsiomega chipsiomega Jan 10, 2006 9:55 PM Flag

    Commit new capital

    After a cold start to winter in early Nov. it has
    been rather mild here in the NE. That's why
    there is plenty of fuel/oil in storage. That's
    not to say the warm weather will continue, but
    the warm forecast today extends into next week.
    It's going to 60 Thurs. and Fri. this week.
    It was 60 Monday, too.

    Oil demand is lackluster, as are constant reports
    of the demise of the stock markets.


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    • I guess that as long as it stays warm the economy will continue to soar along with the markets, DOW 15K this year and NAZ 5K?

      Here's another person's take and that's all it is an opinion. Not many are predicting a demise of the markets or they wouldn't be hitting the moon on fed speak and the big upcoming surge in corporate profits, oops, AA fell shy by only 25%, not to worry. The MM's worked hard and got the NAZ to finish in the green will the S&P and DOW very close. Very low vix which shows mucho complacency by market participants. Everyoone expects a robust 06 and gains of who knows what.¶m=archive&siteid=mktw&guid=%

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      • For every earnings shortfall there is another
        success. You focus on Alcoa, but fail to mention
        the big Boeing sales, Apple's successes, etc.

        Basically you're ranting to yourself, and this
        storagelh, guy about the structural weakness of
        the markets. Eventually you'll be right, but
        by now you've lost so much money, your credibility
        is gone.

        The rest of us know that tech is leading the
        market, and the interest rate hikes are going
        to end. Both positives for the market.

        The markets will eventually fall, but not for
        any reason you post today, or any day.

        Your posts have no influence, focus only on
        negatives and aren't even entertaining. Many
        would just put you on 'ignore' status, but I
        prefer to be aware of other's opinions, unless
        they're too obnoxious.

        You are approaching obnoxious, but not yet there.


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