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  • goodman.matthew goodman.matthew Oct 11, 2007 3:39 PM Flag

    no downward pressure

    for a stock that seems to be dropping as if a scandal broke out, i can not figure out why this stock has gotten so cheap, especially considering the idea that there doesn't seem to be downward pressure. Volume is almost HALF of the average volume, which is quite astounding. I always felt like Columbia stock had many stock purchasers in this for the long term. I really don't understand how a 2Billion dollar growth company could have a smaller p/e then a 30 Billion dollar company (nike). Especially since we have been on the acquisition path the last few years, so we are geared towards growth. Maybe the dividend scared some people away from this being a growth prospect, but i think it was a great way to say thank you to the shareholders. i think this company may be stuck between people looking for growth stocks and don't want dividends, and people that want dividends but not a measley .50 cents. I really can not see how there are not more buyers are 50, and at this stage in the game i worry it will cross into the 40s, which i thought was in the past after last summer; and a 52 week high of 70. i'm not going to get scared and sell, i am going to hold tight, because i know the stock is worth more then 51 dollars, and i try to find good companies, not wasting time trying to time the market. if i had a million bucks to throw at this stock rite now i'd do it in a second, but i can not even figure out what people are thinking and who would sell out so cheap. who would sell at 51? great company great management great value

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    • Given the size of some of these trades, it could just be a fund reducing their position or getting out. COLM doesn't usually have the relentless selling we saw last week - up on a bunch of 100 share trades, down on a 20,000 share block. I'd call that downward pressure for a rather thinly traded stock. I've been buying in the low 50s for the first time since we saw 45 in July '06. I doubt we'll see the 40s (though we certainly could given two weeks until earnings), but all the better buying opportunity if we do.

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