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  • adriangvance adriangvance Sep 9, 1998 1:33 PM Flag

    COLM wants to roll, and will when... gets back to the 20's level. Free rolling
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    • Does anyone know who is buying/selling the big
      blocks I've seen trading for the last couple of days? I
      saw a couple in the 20,000 share range. Volume is way
      up. Price is only up a little, though tough to
      complain relative to the mkt.

      I jumped back in at
      10.25 this morning, I'm hoping we have seen the bottom.
      Any thoughts?

    • I'm in with you this morning at 10 3/8. The street isn't holding up too well, but as COLM is holding firm. Looking good. For all of our sakes, I hope we have seen the bottom!!


    • I got in at $19+ and out $18+ (lost a dollar). I
      sugest we all read Morton Shulman's book, "ANYONE CAN
      MAKE A MILLION". Its an old book, but what was true
      then is true today. There is a good chapter on IPO's.
      Well, anyway, I saw the rapid rise and the slow
      decline. I"m betting this stock has hit bottem. I hear
      this is going to be a really cold winter up there (I
      live in Florida, all you dumbees can freeze your asses
      off). I'm going back in at $10 & 3/8 this morming. Good
      luck to us all!!! Oh, ya, I was waiting for them to
      start their fall advertising program.

    • Bhakta_dasa

      Thank you for mentioning the
      fact that there is more to this decline in value than
      co. management. The entire market is feeling this,
      and as you stated, especially the oil industry, which
      I recently purchased into (DALY and BHI). COLM will
      come back up as will the oil industry, winter stocks I

      This IS a solid company and I too have
      felt the salt in my wounds from 24 to now, but I will
      be buying more soon to offset the initial loss, as
      should the rest of you who held so much promise for COLM
      when it first came public. The only thing that has
      changed since then is the fact that the market has
      plummeted and we have had one heck of hot and long summer,
      which don't do a lot for the sales. Which, by the way,
      I bought both of my sons and myself columbia
      jackets yesterday, so there may be hope for our stock...

    • I also bought on the IPO at $24+, wastched the
      thing tank to $15 and bailed, now at $9 or $10 I will
      take a chance and go back in and say my prayers. This
      is a good company, lousy IR dept, solid finances,
      and should do well in the future. I cannot see much
      risk to the downside at this point.

      Hey, there
      are thousands of solid companies out there which have
      had their market value destroyed in the past four
      months. Try the oil service and drillers, I mean there
      are some incredible values in there right now.

    • I bought in at 100 shares at 24 and 100 shares at
      24.0625!!! When will the bleeding end. I am looking to buy
      in now in order to offset the loss with some gain
      but I am not confident that this stock will wind up
      in the 2 dollar range. Real nice Investor Relations
      Department. I love the product but this stock
      F-Columbia and their devaluation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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