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  • ttufaro ttufaro Sep 15, 1998 12:44 PM Flag

    Optimistic, but...

    I bought COLM on day 1 and saw it rise and fall.
    I'm usually quite confident in my decisions, but this
    stock falling below $11 gives me the creeps. What's the
    deal? Almost a month of steady declining numbers, and
    no floor in sight.

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    • You who have NO interest and NO money in this company, just sign off. If you'r waiting for a stock to go to $2 or $3,look at Amazon.COM. That's about all that shit is worth!!!!!

    • I bought in May at 19 7/8. Due to the big increase in volume earlier this week, I doubled my position Wednesday at 10 1/8. I think we're headed back to the mid 20's within six months.

    • What is driving this stock today? Up nearly 20% on now news. Very strange behavior for this stock given it's chart, though the volume has been up lately. Any thoughts?

    • I agree with your thoughts on IPO's. It sounds
      like you have a disciplined approach to executing your
      buys. If I read the earlier posts correctly, one poster
      thinks it will have to drop to 2 or 3 before it's a buy.
      That strikes me as unrealistic. It's up 1 as I write
      this. I'd be interested in knowing what will cause you
      to buy COLM, if you'd care to share your strategy.
      For my part I bought 200@23 in June, another 200@19.5
      in June, 100@12 and 500@10 1/16 in Sept. for a 14.7
      average. Clearly this has been a difficult enviroment. My
      overall strategy is to stay fully invested with 10% cash
      for opportunities. Anyway, I'd like to learn
      something on this one from others.

    • I'm sorry I spoke up at all. I dont buy IPO's, I
      don't own (and never have ) COLM, but have been waiting
      to buy. If you want to wait for 2-3 bucks, be my
      guest. I'd rather let the market tell me when to buy.
      COLM is an exellent company; that was my only real
      purpose in posting at all, in the hopes that those that
      are long relax...I should have known better.

    • Just look at the chart since IPO this stock is
      going downward.
      Stop kidding yourself and make COLM
      management rich, they got the
      your money and you guys
      got the endless pain. Never hold stock drop 50% from
      IPO within 6 months.

    • NASDAQ44,

      I guess you got burn too ah? don't worry there'll be lots of shoe on sale this winter for dirt cheap so does COLM stock.
      I'm looking forward to $2 to $3 to jump in.

    • as colm continues to drop, this message board has
      fallen victim to the same idiotic responses rampant
      within this forum. before you all hang the underwriters
      of this issue, or tar and feather the management,
      try using the computer in front of you for more than
      just complaining. if any of you bother to research the
      entire apparel group rather than merely your poor COLM,
      you will discover that since COLM went public the
      entire sector has tanked. this is what is called bad
      timing,not bad management,not bad company,not bad investment
      bankers. so wake up out there,stop blaming anyone and
      everyone else for bad stock picking, and more importantly,
      start planning your next move. As for me, I'm starting
      to get mighty bullish on the sector, at exactly the
      moment your're thinking of throwing in the towel. don't
      make the same mistake as
      before...timing,timing,timing... remember, the market is not on your side, it's
      you against them... good luck to all.

    • I too bought this stock at IPO price (24), and I
      think COLM investor relation dept and their CFO/CEO are
      useless that why the stock keep going down (not yet
      bottom). I think I'll exit and lick my wound and put my
      left over money in somewhere else that may grow (QCOM
      , HD, WMT, BRCM)

      Winter time is coming hope
      sale is up but the chemistry is gone
      people are
      scare of this COLM , good luck to those who long.

    • Rumor is Goldman is dumped 100,000 shares today.
      Why would the lead underwriter do that? Love to

      Does anyone know how sales are tracking in Q3? This is
      the only important quarter of the year for these guys
      and if they make just as much as last year (34 mil,
      $1+ share), they should beat 98 estimates handily.

      Looks like the street thinks this quarter is coming in
      very soft.
      Does anyone know how well there sales
      are going?

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