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  • briofan briofan Oct 7, 1998 11:17 AM Flag


    A number of 5000 share trades went through early
    this morning. This is not your casual investor
    plunking down $80,000 to see how things go. I can't help
    but wonder if somebody knows something about the
    earnings comming out in a couple of weeks. I believe
    estimates are in the .84 range. Any thoughts on how we
    might do?

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    • 10/27

    • When are earnings suppose to be announce?

      Thanks in advance...

    • Buy their jackets, but AVOID THE COMPANY! It's a

      Do the numbers for yourself (read their filings with
      the SEC too) and you will see the following.

      This stock cannot sustain value for a boatload of

      #1 80 percent of the stock is owned by a handful of
      "family and special instiders". If they sell even a small
      fraction of their holdings, the market will be flooded
      with stock. The price will fall!

      #2 There's
      very little demand for this stock -- look at the daily
      training volume! ("Oh goodie goodie" the little sheep
      said. "I can buy before everyone else") Wake up
      Lambchop! If just a few institutions were interested, the
      price would surge because the trading supply (remember,
      only 20% of the stock is held by real investers) is
      limited. There is no demand for this stock the daily
      volume screams this danager signal!

      #3 Their
      balance sheet stinks! Little Lambchop says, "But what
      about the 107 million they raised in the IPO?" The
      wolfs of COLM are feasting on Lambchop because almost
      90 million of the IPO didn't go into the company!
      The Owner and selected insiders sold their shares to
      you (not the company's new shares) and banked the
      money in their private accounts! 90 million never made
      into the company! Look at the balance sheet! Lambchop
      tastes so good! Check out their insider trades and the
      number of shares they currently own.

      #4 All real
      control of the company is in the hands of the President
      and his mother! They own over 50% of the company
      (check it out since you don't believe me) Now, since
      they control the whole shooting match and CAN'T be
      removed, where's the freedom for contrairian views, new
      ideas and bold moves from the company officers and
      fellow directors. Ain't going to happen -- mom & daddy
      will can their obstinate mouths if they get out of
      line. Serious management talent will not be attracted
      to this company.

      There's more... but not
      tonight. Buy the jacket, short the company.

      • 5 Replies to wsh_man
      • He is a lambchop lover! Probably was into sodomy
        with sheep
        when he was young. Grew up on a farm.
        Now makes a living as
        a mob specualtor on wall
        street. Fear used to make big gains
        as he shorts colm
        for his italian buddies. lol

      • Why would the insiders sell and flood the market?
        Devalue their
        own interests for what? A quick buck?
        They will market the com-
        pany and raise the
        interest on wall street...get a life you
        shorter and go
        back to jerking off!

      • You are being investigated for sodimizing several sheep in the
        Idaho area. The F.B.I. will track you down. As for COLM...well
        the F.B.I. just loves the parkas!!

      • The fact that you state "Their balance sheet
        stinks!" should raise a red flag to objective information
        seekers. The fact is that you have quite obviously NOT
        done your homework given that COLM's balance sheet is
        very strong (LT Debt to Equity of less than 20%) and
        they have very stringent credit policies with
        historical bad debt expense of approximately .05%.

        Without refuting individually your assertions, the fact
        that you are demonstrably incorrect in your balance
        sheet assertion (although it is true that the proceeds
        from the IPO were payed out to founding shareholders -
        read the prospectus) should lead us to question your
        other assertions (which also happen to be either
        factually incorrect or highly debatable. Suffice it to say
        that you are one prime example of why individuals
        should be cautious with the "information" they recive
        from chat boards such as this.

        Please quit
        wasting our time - this applies to all of you newby
        investors who fail to do your homework prior to
        enlightening us with your "wisdom"

      • you are a disgruntled employee. Or go to-- you know where. This board doesn't need the likes of you.

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