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  • c.jackson57 Jun 22, 2012 10:21 AM Flag

    Blue Sky Assessment

    Has anybody done the math... approximate is ok. With similar amount of authorized shares, where does the stock price go with these revenue levels:

    50 Million
    200 Million
    500 Million
    2 Billion
    10 Billion - often cited as the acute market, which could be FULLY IN PLACE by 2015, right?
    30 Billion

    Per the "Blue Sky' assessment of 100X today's share price, what approximate level of revenues would that be associated with. Obviously shares would be diluted more by then as well.

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    • Let's assume a price to earnings ratio of 15/1
      80% profit margin

      $50 million gross gives $40 million profit
      P=(15)x(50,000,000)= $750,000,000 Market Cap
      $750,000,000/64,000,0000 Outstanding shares = $11.70/share

      $500 Million gross = $117/Share

      $10 Billion gross = $2340/Share

      Numbers get to be astounding pretty fast.
      However may be dilution to raise cash and sharing revenue through partnering.
      Frank Reynolds is not in a hurry to sell company but with 24% of the company shares at some point it sounds like he probably would and that would cap the upside potential for us retail share holders.
      Anything close to $100/share and I retire.


    • I think there may have been a thread on the previous board that put some numbers out. Maybe the "Zacks" thread. There's lots of variables though, such as dilution.

      However, over $100/share is definitely do-able once these products are out changing people's lives.

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