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  • jake_x_b jake_x_b Jul 18, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    To be honest, I'm nervous

    I want NVIV to succeed. For my own finances and for all the people they have the potential to help.

    But the delay is making me nervous. April 13th was the meeting. The timeframe given was 30-60 days. It's been 96 days. That's a lot of days.

    The other thing that makes me nervous is the CEO's local news roadshow. What is the purpose of him appearing on all those shows? I've never seen a biotech startup CEO do something like that.

    I mean, I hope it all works out, but I can't be the only one feeling spooked by this right?

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    • Nervous too. Even if it is approved for human testing, which seems like a no brainer, there's a chance it won't work quite the same. However, that's no reason for Invivo to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It may need some tweeking. If they don't hit a homerun right off the bat, eventually, they will figure it out. I'm not a day trader, so I'm not looking for an immediate payout, just promising companies. I think you have to look at the big picture here. Science moves slowly and there are a lot of bumps in the road.

    • I agree with your sentiment, fish, but I just can't imagine NVIV not being bought out before five years. Didn't FR allude to the fact that they have already had some nibbles, but, that he, holding about 40% of the shares, is not yet ready to sell? Either way, the payoff should be handsome. Right now, though, let's just obtain FDA approval for human trials, get the new manufacturing facility up and running, and announce a partnership for developing the hydrogel. Ultimately, the greatest appeal of this company is that it is a creating a new treatment PLATFORM. Platform, platform, platform...I love the potential of that word.

    • Word is that in order to start this trial InVivo needs to have its new manufacturing facilities running and a batch of its scaffold devices made in their new facility and approved and inspected by the FDA before it can begin this trial.

      Makes sense to me? Thoughts?

    • I hear ya....

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