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  • adriannicolson adriannicolson Aug 24, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha Article

    Another acticle slamming NVIV.

    I am still long the stock and confident in its prospects based on the team they have in place, the pending FDA application and the fact that they moved into new headquarters to prepare to market the product. I do sometime think Frank spends alot of time on TV promoting his company, but I am fine with that as they need publicity. I was concerned about his sale of stock and the fact that he never really explained why he sold. Its nice to have total security in a company, but all Bios pose huge risks. I am sticking with this long term as I expect to see something big happen very soon. With every good article, there is a bad one from seeking alpha so who really knows. Just one persons viewpoint which is warranted in some ways. I am happy and excited with my risk and hope to be aptly rewarded in years to come.

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    • I wouldn't put too much creedence into any SA article...they pump & they bash. Pretty unsophisticated rag imo. On the FDA....count on major delays for everything with the exclusion of big pharma....Their 90 day timeline is not set in stone - just a guideline. I've seen these stretch into 1.5 years although I don't see that happening here. I think Reynolds is partly to blame for putting timelines out that he has no control over...JMHO

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      • josie13015 Aug 25, 2012 7:26 PM Flag

        Do you think maybe the trials (using Schwann Cells) at the Miller School of Medicine (Miami Project) might have to first come to fruitation...before they continue on with the scaffold. I was just reviewing this article and this trial will take one year and two additional years before results are evaluated.

        "All procedures will be conducted in Miami at University of Miami Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Each participant will be followed intensely for one year after receiving the transplantation surgery, and their neurologic status, medical status, pain symptoms, and muscle spasticity will be evaluated. It is expected that it could be at least two to three years from the time the first subject is enrolled until the final subject is one year post-transplantation. All participants will continue to be monitored for years under a separate clinical protocol. This Phase I trial is the foundation upon which The Miami Project will develop future trials targeting different types of injuries, times post-injury, and therapeutic combinations."

        They are currently conducting 22-trials at the Miller School and just maybe the delay for Invivo trials are geared for an opening in their schedules.

    • I totally agree with you, Adrian. I actually don't mind Frank getting the word out since this is still very much below the radar. The author sounded like he really wanted to write that trash piece, so on some level he has an agenda. Never liked anybody named Springer anyway. Maybe he's related to Jerry.

      I think any real investor understands why Frank sold last spring, and also appreciates the fact that he has cancelled that plan. Who can fault him for that small portion?

      As for an up-listing... yes, I would like to see that. However, the company just may be waiting for a specific milestone before doing so - like human trials.

      I am thoroughly disappointed with the FDA. I am not a "paranoid, conspiracy theorist type" however if the FDA drags this too long, then I think there should be an investigation into the FDA. A company like Merck has lots of influence on people in the FDA and probably does not want a non-pharmaceutical cure for paralysis, especially not one of their own. If there is corruption in the Obama administration's FDA, then heads need to roll. This ridiculous delay is what spawns these little creeps and their negative trash pieces. Nuff said...

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      • josie13015 Aug 24, 2012 7:10 PM Flag

        I have lots of time on my hands so I try to analyze whats going on with this company in chronological order. Through this practice, it seems credible and clear that this company is being built in much the same way as big corporations go about the business by making sure all the employees', institutions, hedge funds, private placements, ect. are vested in the success of this company. They have been given generous amounts of stock and some of it (I suspect) has come out of the pockets of the founders. IMHO invivo is doing everything humanly possible to make sure this company succeeds. I see the FDA as only a cog in the chain of events that will (at the appropriate time) unleash a truck load of repressed enthusiasm in the company and it won't limp along and be taken advantage of by speculators (as most stock companies are) so that the science will succeed and the people behind the science will succeed. I expect it to go up in price and hold the line and am actually thankful the events leading to this take-off haven't yet occured.

        Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Invivo on

      • The kid that wrote the article is a PHILOSOPHY major....and notice he pimped in the article that he is starting his own newsletter. After reading the ridiculous article - and even more ridiculous responses he posted to people responding to it, I don't know how these guys get the ability to write for Seeking Alpha at all.

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