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  • pemmanuel3_3 pemmanuel3_3 Aug 30, 2012 10:08 PM Flag

    Excellent post on IHUB

    I just read an excellent post over on IHUB about the past several days. Post #442. It makes a lot of sense and explained rather well.

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      "Can you spell m-a-n-i-p-u-l-a-t-i-o-n? Just take a moment and think about it. This is a classic short attack. It's set-up with a textbook trigger article, released late Friday PM, for maximum effect over the weekend. Then, it starts Monday with a mild sell-off to sucker in the first round of retailers who've been itching for a chance to get in on a pullback. Continue the sell-off on Tuesday, but add a false rally at the end to sucker in the more wary. Wednesday then drops even further but seemingly stabilizes at previously very strong support around 2, convincing the more TA oriented retailers that this is a safe place to buy. Then, wham, Thursday the price crashes all the way down to 1.67 on 17 times the average volume of the previous week producing the maximum desired effect of freeing up tons of shares. Just remember that every share sold in panic was immediately scarfed up by someone else.
      Whomever set this up is not doing it just to make money shorting the stock, they want to make even more money riding the stock back up. I think somebody knows something and wants to be in when the news hits. These people have sources in the FDA and elsewhere that alert them when to get ready. We are currently witnessing how they get ready. In a perverse way, I believe this attack is a positive sign of good things to come. I don't wish to give anyone false hope and I certainly can't prove any of this but I nonetheless personally believe this is what is going on. It is too formulaic to be otherwise. GLTA"

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      • Yup, sound the all-clear horn. The worst is behind and fizzling. Yesterday moved upward and flattened out and like someone said looks stabilized. I say we move up from here and gradually rise. Looking to the future - see the post I made in the "superman" thread regarding where this is probably going and what it means for appreciation, Hopefully some others chime in.

        And speaking of superman (I didn't catch this yesterday), but if the InVivo technology would have been around 20 years ago, Christopher Reeve would probably be alive today. Once the FDA gives the green light, think of the immense impact this will have on the lives of those afflicted.

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    • Yo wife said you did lol

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