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  • pemmanuel3_3 pemmanuel3_3 Oct 4, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    Only Wirth left

    I read an odd comment in another thread. I just checked news & SEC filings. Only Ed Wirth left. I didn't see any others. Apparently Wirth was not the best fit but was a worthy (no pun intended) experiment.

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    • Pem,
      I see press releases for 3 different director's of mfg...just announced, one in may 12 and another in feb 11...I dont like seeing such a merry go round...

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      • If another nonsense announcement heralding a new employee on even a 6 figure salary can old a few extra million in falling market cap, it is worth it. Expect more announcements! I still roll my eyes. Trials to (yeah, "to") start in 2013 and here they are hiring heads of manufacturing. To manufacture what? Like so many medical companies in their early years or even pharms, what ever happened outsourcing? Even successful trials don't mean instant revs and product demands! Amazing how pem the pumper defends this touted pump to the bitter end! He even says the salaries are reasonable! I said it at 2.50, and I'll say it now, and you can be wrong...the drift down will continue as more and more investors detect a fishiness to all this. Wait until the capital pools such as Fidelity start asking some serious questions!
        Go ahead pem...slam me some more, then find out only yet again as you continue to talk of this stock headed back up, as I's headed SOUTH. Tell you what...whoever of us is wrong in a week agrees to leave this board! Take the challenge!

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