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  • murphylogic murphylogic Oct 9, 2012 12:55 PM Flag

    LOWER and LOWER , good news though FRANK still gets $80,000 and a mnth salary

    and he is selling his stock to boot for another $50K a month. Good thing to know the design and intent of this company is being meet. To make a few people rich at the expense of others ....

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    • all bio's down today

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to alabamatigers11u
      • Hi alab,

        good point, btw

        GERN is down, AND GUESS WHAT their CEO makes $153K a year
        ALSE is down, AND GUESS WHAT their CEO makes $410K a year
        STEM is down, AND GUESS WHAT their CEO makes $615K a year

        all not god enuf for FRANK pulling in $1M a year, burning through our investors cash !


        How did they get there ??? Let me guess "hi you want to be on my BOD, here's
        200,000 shares of options at $1 a share, you show up for a telephone conf call
        once a month, and now you need to set my CEO salary ...."

        lol, not sure what makes me sicker, watching myself become a bag holder, or the fact
        the others are getting filthy rich regardless ...

        Starting to realy wonder why FDA is dragging its feet so much, I really wonder when they
        did the monkey studies did they really document what was done, determine if the simulated
        spinal injuries matched the real world, followed FDA proceudres. IF NOT their data is USELESS,
        start over , do over GREAT !!

        Yea we cut up a bunch of monkeys, and then we got em to walk, now lets slap this #$%$ in humans, rigggghhhhhhhhhhtttt the FDA is gonna go for that !

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