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  • derekstevens704 derekstevens704 Oct 10, 2012 3:10 AM Flag

    Bad news,hypers and longs

    Yesterday, I asked a NOTED bio vencap retired investor to look at NVIV. He posted his
    thoughts here (they were not good). I read them. 5 mn later
    his posting was gone....totally. #$%$ hypes and touts here seem to
    stay. He has clout. I do not, but if my current posting "evaporates", he promises to alert the
    SEC. Something about this whole company...the touting, insider selling, the #$%$ hirings...smell
    like dead fish.

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    • A name by any other name is still a douchbag - right Harry?

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      • I also think the OP created a fictional story here with the remaining ugly headline about "bad" news.

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      • Pathetic, douche bag, idiot, #$%$....and all the other negative superlatives.....yeah, this is pretty much the same as it was back in April, mixed in with the same NVIV talking points and regurgitation of "facts" that have yet to obtain in any kind of clinical trial that would at least get the company on the road to having something viable to offer at market....."facts" that are quite obvious to everyone on the board except the people who express concerns.....and why would anyone express concern when a company that has nothing even remotely close to market and no revenue stream sheds 50% of its value while waiting for months and months on end just to get clearance for a clinical trial....while the CEO is making 2-3 times more (not including options) than other CEO's running development stage companies much further down the road with much better capital structures and much stronger and much more consistent PPS......why would that arouse suspicion for any investor? I'm glad Pemmanuel that you're just as convinced now as you were then......and I honestly do hope that the company goes to the moon for you....I have no big problem with being wrong, and I'll be on the board to say as much and maybe even participate........I just have a problem with people who are so utterly convinced that they're right that they have to cast aspersions and attack people expressing a different opinion.

    • Thanks Derek....I would advise anyone who has questions about this company to scroll back to around April of this year and look for all of the posts by "TDarren." IMO he raised a lot of serious questions about NVIV that were never adequately answered. As a result, he was excoriated by the majority of posters and personally attacked on a repeated basis. And one of the main arguments from the pumpers throughout was....."well, what about Bob Langer.......why would a guy like Bob Langer be involved with this company, etc.,etc......" As I recall, one of TDarren's observations was that most SCI's that result in paralysis in humans are complete "transections" of the spinal cord, whereas the NVIV monkey's injuries were "hemisections" where only a portion of the cord was impacted. So, the NVIV message is "We go these monkeys up and running....," but the reality is that the monkeys did not suffer the same type of injury that most human SCI who are paralyzed suffer. TDarren raised a lot of other questions, and in my view appeared to be speaking from very personal and extensive exposure to NVIV personnel, and also very extensive experience and expertise in assisting bio-tech companies through the FDA processs. It was TDarren's analysis, along with the lack of substantive refutations and constant personal attacks, that led me to divest of NVIV. Since that time the price has dropped $1.20 and I would expect to see it continuing to drop with limited likelihood of any FDA approval on the near horizon. I would agree that this drop in price is a reflection of the company's inability to secure approval and the fact that the rise from .60 was based almost exclusively on pumping, with the air now finally beginning to leak in earnest out of the balloon. I'm not saying that NVIV is without any potential, or that the company will not someday prove a worthy investment. But for me there are too many questions and not enough answers....and this against the backdrop of a precipitously declining share price that is met mostly with, "What an incredible buying opportunity?....What a bunch of idiots! Only wish I could buy more.......etc.etc. If this things gets back to .50-.60 I might consider buying it.....if there is a little house-cleaning....but until then risk/reward math just doesn't compute.

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      • I remember Darren. Heavily biased and tied in to shorts. He tried to razzle-dazzle people with pseudo-knowledge. If you don't understand why a hemisection is performed then you have no business commenting let alone investing in a biotechnology that is way over your head.

        A hemi will cause the test subject to manifest Brown-Sequard and in some ways acts as an extra experimental control. Bilaterally. By what miracle do you think that the no-scaffold controls remained with Brown-Sequard, while the scaffold implanted were walking. Do you even read about what has been achieved? Do you understand it?

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      • From the American Association of Neurological surgeons...

        "A complete SCI produces total loss of all motor and sensory function below the level of injury. Nearly 50 percent of all SCIs are complete. Both sides of the body are equally affected. Even with a complete SCI, the spinal cord is rarely cut or transected. More commonly, loss of function is caused by a contusion or bruise to the spinal cord or by compromise of blood flow to the injured part of the spinal cord."

        So I believe you are wrong in your recollection and belief that most SCI's are transections. I believe the protocol NVIV is using in terms of creating paralysis in the monkeys has been accepted by the scientific community as one which would allow for measurement of the success of various therapies. And yes... what works in monkeys many times doesn't work in humans.

        And to add... those that think this is a slam-dunk success story are as ignorant as those that say that this company is doomed... you are correct that there are many, many questions and you are right this is high risk -- too high for your tastes.

        Yes, I'm invested in the company.... and don't like what I've seen lately... the hires in mfg indicate to me they are having problems getting the scaffolds built/made (purely conjecture on my part.).
        I still believe they have something in terms of a viable therapy. But management seems to be on shaky ground... I agree with you this is very high risk... It's a gamble... and I like to gamble...

    • I dont understand your credibility. You have only posted three posts on Yahoo (not that I am much better) and they are all about this company. What are you gaining by telling people that they company is a strong sell? Do you want cheaper shares? Do you want an ego boost?

      This company may not work, it is a high risk/ high reward company. The way I look at it is that in the next three/five months we will be at 50 cents a share or 4-5 dollars a share. Everyone who is in this company has decided that the reward outweighs the risk. They are also betting on a ton of talented employees at NVIV who have the experience of bringing drugs to market. Thats what I am betting on.

      What are you gaining from bashing only this company?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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