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  • pemmanuel3_3 pemmanuel3_3 Oct 11, 2012 8:32 AM Flag

    Yes there are many great facts

    Facts are facts and it is nice to see them enumerated here. In fact (NPI), there are quite many more positive facts related to the science and which support NVIV immensely. However...

    Here are some of my beefs - and this is coming from a positive long with a decent chunk of shares - the company needs to communicate better to its shareholders. They should keep us apprised as to more details of the FDA approval process. How about a realistic timeline and what still needs to be accomplished before the approval is granted. Again I love these facts as much as any other long NVIV investor but I could also post a list of beefs too. And regrettably, most of my beefs are with Frank's mistakes. Distilled down to three:

    I. Salary too high for a company in this stage. Despite being co-founder and living with SCI. Sorry.

    II. Share selling? Excuse me but WHAT WERE YOU SMOKING at the time? You should have waited until we got to $3.50/share and then not in large lots. How about share *buying* down here at these absurdly low prices?

    III. What is with this history of exaggerated timeline claims? I completely see the validity of the science & medical technology and the imminent promise for SCI patients. But when Frank gives out these timeline estimates and they are way off, it hurts with the over-all credibility to the average lay-person about everything else. The timelines issued by Mr. Reynolds starting from at least last April have been far off and indicates amateurism. I cannot imagine FR having been in-line to be Siemens CEO based upon what I have seen from him in 2012.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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