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  • pemmanuel3_3 pemmanuel3_3 Oct 11, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    Poignant point on the $2million loan

    Rejoiceitstime posted the following on another board: "This loan is real good, and loans do not come without a financial colonoscopy from the lender, in essense they are affirming the business model for NVIV." Yes, people don't throw such sums of money around willy nilly, nor do large institutions do a round of twenty million public offering either.

    This is really close. Looking forward to 2013. Investor's mindset, not for flippers and day-traders.


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    • Hey Pemmanuel! help me out here!
      Question...I love nervgens and the future they offer...since you are such a expert who can read the future ...what do you think...
      A particular nerv regen company has ZERO debt, is FDA approved now, and has 17M in the bank. A billion dollar medical company just invested 14M. Their profit margins are 80%. The entirety of the executive salaries are not even close to Franks alone. Their market cap is a fraction of this company's! Interested in such a company, or are you not? I'd love to get your take!
      If not, I will be further convinced that you are hired by them to make your "strong buys". I will caution you though...if you are in anyway paid (again, in any form) for your posts by NVIV, without are breaking securities laws. Becareful of your ISP address if/when this company is ever in trouble with the SEC.

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    • agree, my confidence affirmed by the loan. not letting my shares go, especially when it's now a screaming buy, not a sell. Probably easy and quick 50% gain for those buying this week, in just short term, imo

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