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  • derekstevens704 derekstevens704 Oct 11, 2012 11:11 PM Flag

    Sick of the hires touts here, WAR now!

    So tired of unanswered challenges and questions I pose to touters like "pemanuel". Tired of ridiculous we go! Frank, ready? This (your whole shtick) is a JOKE and FRAUD (forward looking statements, hired touts with no safe harbor.....ridiculous promotions and tourtings (TV shows, etc.) all the while you are SELLING! Ready to track my ISP and have your attorneys come after me? BRING IT ON. Think I haven't used before a gunslinger ready for a shareholder derivative? Shareholders have lost a lot of loot here buying into your announcements! I think I am ready to gain a following! Think I won't be ready to hire my own? Think I am stupid for this LIBEL? I am a crusader, sick of this company's hired TOUTS (Pen, for starters...) attacking me! #$%$, Frank, Mr. Tout! Let's start depositions. Let's start DISCLOSURE, Mr Monkey videos!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Looking for true answers on a MB? I think you're stupid for thinking you'll get answers here. Discussions maybe? Depose yourself-start w/do you really understand the stock market? Do you understand this stock? Stop acting like one of the monkeys.

    • It's amazing how you turned into a full blown basher within a week. You thought you could be slick by easing your way onto this board with a few decent posts. Now the walls have cracked and your true identity has been exposed. I've officially put you on ignore.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to peteynole
      • In my opinion, Harry/Derek has exposed himself as mentally unstable and is in a meltdown right now because he's probably losing a bundle of cash from foolishly shorting this stock. He has his biggest gripes with the biggest fans of NVIV, so I personally have become a target of this wacko.

        For the record, sh-4-brains, nobody pays me to post my opinions on this company, which have been more conservative than fagan and putup and others. Perhaps you should read up on modern life sciences topics and you just may have a semblance of understanding why this will be a huge success.

        So, from now on, you know where you can stick your many exclamation points and bizarre writings. You're a shorty who seems also to be short on meds.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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