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  • pefact2000k pefact2000k Oct 31, 2012 8:05 AM Flag

    The mother of all questions

    Funny enough the question of all questions about InVivo is rarely discussed. At this development stage of InVivo there really is only one question that matters. I would say it is the mother of all questions. The question is “does it really work”? Does the biopolymer scaffold device work the same way in humans as it did in rodents and in all primate trials?
    This is a black or white question, nothing in between. It is a no when there is no effect at all, zero percent improvement. However if there is the slightest improvement of the motor function and/or the condition of an acute SCI patient than it is a clear yes. Since there is no SCI treatment today a one percent improvement should be sufficient to bring the BSD to the market.
    We have not yet the proof of concept but we know that all the animal trials have been exceptionally successful. What I’m saying is that the odds to have the first product for acute SCI patients are very, very favorable (to say the least).
    So if the answer of the mother of all questions is a No you better forget about InVivo or stay at the side line. If the answer is a yes then gentlemen fasten your seat belt! The demand will be overwhelming. It is like having a small shop with space for 10 customers but outside you have 1000 people that desperately want to get in.
    InVivo is an incredible opportunity for smart investors but a lot of people have absolutely no clue about the real potential of InVivo. The company is poised to write medical history and for investors it could very well be a gold mine.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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