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  • cynicoptimist cynicoptimist Jan 11, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    T R A N S P A R E N C Y

    Just saying...
    It would be really beneficial if we receive greater transparency from InVivo Therapeutics management. This is not a complaint. I am definitely a fan, a (long) stockholder, understand the science, and believe in the potential. But word to the wise: Less transparency will cause larger stock price declines than transparent openness even on a setback. I sure hope they read some of these public comments and can extract the good advice from them.

    That said, will we be getting any news any time on Monday??

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    • BTW - regarding Monday; who knows - but I'm pretty sure the FDA has 45 days from that December 14 date or whatever it was, so it could be closer to month-end before they hear back and can in turn then announce anything.

      Hopefully sooner rather than later!


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    • Do you have any examples of where they are not being transparent? What do you think they are hiding?

      This is one of the most transparent firms I know - especially for a BB stock. Press releases every time there is something worthy of mention, Frank on the road a lot, numbers are reported on time.

      Can't imagine what more an investor could ask for in the way of transparency.


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      • 2 Replies to fagenbecker
      • I agree fully. The Co. can't give us confidential information that flows between them and the FDA.
        I would suggest that includes 99.5 percent of all communications. Fact is, I think Frank often pushes it to the limit.Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man. Not I. But I am comfortable with the leadership. I find it implausible (sp) that such people as Dr Langer would lend his name to a bunch of crooks. JMHO

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      • Ok, from a stakeholder and a believer: Transparency is the following:

        """We have submitted our request for a HUD designation on our bio-scaffold device. The FDA has already agreed to the HDE pathway for this medical device. Based upon our positive meetings with FDA, we expect to receive within 30 days a positive outcome for the HUD designation. We believe that all of the criteria has been properly addressed. If, however the FDA determines that anything further is needed, we would then have subsequent opportunity to address this and re-submit after that finding. Therefore we have contingent strategy in place to address any outcome. etc, yada yada yada."""

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