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  • ttng954 ttng954 Jan 16, 2013 5:15 PM Flag

    inside sale all

    Careful you guys inside sale all

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    • Harrison says:

      "These people either have so many shares they can afford to take a profit at this price -or- they are privy to negative information that regular investors are not."

      Umm, yeah- Frank shows up with 12,750 shares sold every few days (probably his few thousand daily), and umm.......yeah - he owns 14,378,500 shares. This means his 12,750 share sales (in aggregate over a few days) amounts to .00089% of his holdings. I would say yes - he can afford to take a profit at this price. AND SHOULD. He co-founded this thing, and deserves it.

      As for 'privy to negative information that regular investors are not' - umm, that would be a violation of SEC law. I seriously doubt that Frank is going to do all that he has done to get the company this far, only to risk it all over 12K shares and go to jail. Oh, and Langer has 7,667,110 shares. As a co-founder, don't you think he would know of any 'negative information that regular investor are not' aware of.........but yet sits on his shares???? You think Frank knows things that Langer does not??

      Seriously, people - get a grip. With this lack of sophistication, perhaps several of you should not be in the stock market at all.

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      • 3 Replies to fagenbecker
      • Au contrair, mr. becker, not once did I infer that Langer & Reynolds were plotting to undermine their own company. You just paint me with a broad brush because like all souless grapes born to conquer the world, you imagine the problems with America lies with common people who ought not dream of custom made shirts and BMW's and go back to their soup lines. I'm not the enemy but I am fairly educated in the art of psychological warfare if you've got the backbone to engage me. Come now, let me teach you how to hate.You know one of your own fell in battle recently, Aaron Swartz, a beautiful grape who made the mistake of caring too much. Shame on him for suggesting what I suggested and I will say it again for the record, it wasn't Langer or Reynolds I was referring to.

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      • Did you read the EXEC summary? Can you read?

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      • You tell em' Mr Becker!! Your logic is exceeded only by that of Dr. Spock's.

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    • Perhaps ,your new and didn't know . As alleg stated ,nobody is worried about these small sales.
      Were on a great path and all eagerly awaiting goods news really soon and human trials will then begin. Can't wait ...for the patients and investors.
      Good luck.

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    • These people either have so many shares they can afford to take a profit at this price -or- they are privy to negative information that regular investors are not. Level II

      Time & Sales
      Price Size Exch Time
      $2.5000 2,500 OBB 15:54:43
      $2.5000 1,700 OBB 15:35:53
      $2.5000 100 OBB 15:25:38
      $2.5300 4,650 OBB 15:23:47
      $2.5000 2,500 OBB 15:23:31
      $2.5000 2,500 OBB 15:23:14
      $2.5000 2,500 OBB 15:22:59
      $2.5000 2,500 OBB 15:22:40
      $2.5000 700 OBB 15:20:54
      $2.5400 500 OBB 15:17:38
      $2.5400 3,500 OBB 15:16:59
      $2.5400 500 OBB 15:10:36
      $2.5400 1,000 OBB 15:05:35
      $2.5500 400 OBB 15:00:55
      $2.5400 118 OBB 15:00:40
      $2.5400 200 OBB 15:00:14
      $2.5200 500 OBB 14:57:52
      $2.5000 230 OBB 14:57:41
      $2.5000 613 OBB 14:57:40
      $2.5000 1,387 OBB 14:57:36
      $2.4800 5,613 OBB 14:57:22
      $2.4900 4,613 OBB 14:57:10
      $2.4900 1,000 OBB 14:57:03
      $2.4900 700 OBB 14:50:51
      $2.4900 1,000 OBB 14:50:31
      $2.4900 300 OBB 14:50:26
      $2.4800 2,300 OBB 14:36:47
      $2.4900 2,300 OBB 14:36:20
      $2.4900 100 OBB 14:36:17
      $2.4800 3,587 OBB 14:25:30

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    • Frank didn't take any CEO pay for two years. He sells stock to raise cash. This topic has been beaten to death. Not worried a bit

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