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  • yzzycz yzzycz Jan 25, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    Funny how everyone calls me an idiot. I can't care less but you guys have no answer to my points

    The video is real, this dude promised trials on humans to start at 2011 with FDA approval knocking on the door before that. Why none of you questioning it? I can survive very well with being called idiot on some message board but i don't understeand why non of you ask this questions. How many of you contacted investor relation of NVIV? Why this FDA approval and human trials promised in 2011 are postponed? Why they don't talk about it? I may be idiot but you are the once who will be losing money.

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    • I've contacted Investor Relations before. As others have commented, prior history is well documented.

    • Why is no one questioning it? ........well we have all read your posts and have discounted them because they are really bs..... Just childish bs. We know anything can happen with the FDA and we know this company can handle it either way. NVIV will be moving forward and that ,I believe,
      is what longs know to be true. I have never found a crystal ball to tell us for certain but if I did I am sure it would tell us you are a silly silly person. Nothing you say makes a difference so please just go away you are wasting your mind and efforts on a regular basis.

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    • No, you will still be an idiot - I will still be making money. I for one am up almost 3X on my initial position, and I am up another 2X on my last tranche.

      Keep looking in the rearview mirror yzz - I will keep looking out the windshield for things that are relevant. 2011 videos, blah-blah-blah - totally irrelevant for where we are at today. The history of NVIV is well-documented - you can go find the answers for your own irrelevant questions.

      Have a good weekend.

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