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  • amandak4mk amandak4mk Jan 30, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Excuse Me


    It's the lack of information that is causing the drop. Frank needs to put out a statement...Any statement! Silence is deadly at this point.

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    • Amanda, you and AL have a reasonable assumption. I would also suggest, at this point in time, w/o news, it is very easy to #$%$ small investors and start an unwarrented sell-off. Not blaming them, but some will lose a bunch of money without justification. Maybe or maybe not (:)). As for me, I'm riding this horse until I'm thrown. End of story.

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      • IMO, and only my opinion, I think today is a run from shorts. Drive the price down, buy in, when good news comes in they ride the stock up with a lower cost of entry.

        I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with the company, I don't think any premature leak of information has occurred, amanda's post is VERY worth noting in my opinion as that post came from a conversation with their IR person, I believe Frank is good at what he is doing (contrary to many of you, I'm sure), and I find it worthy of note that the stock seemed to have bottomed at $2.00 per share and is now back on the climb.

        If someone had early information and it was bad news, the stock would have kept dropping - which is all the more reason why I personally believe today is nothing more (or less) than price action happening from people shorting the stock. Looks like, smells like, behaves like short making a move today.

        Just my opinion, of course, but I am with duckbill and I am not getting off this horse.

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