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  • voisybay voisybay Feb 1, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

    All the Bashing of NVIV

    After seeing the drop in ppps and all the negative comments about management etc. I just want to say that even if NVIV's technology eventually doesn't "pan out" I don't care if I lose money on this. The bottom line is that if you put yourself in the position of someone who has been confined to a wheelchair or is facing of life of immobility/pain/infections, the unfortunate social stigma that comes from being in a postion like this etc. etc--would you not try and give them some kind of hope??? That is exactly what NVIV is doing and I can't think of a more noble investment--Sure it may be a "long shot---but it is well worth the risk!!

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    • Hi voisybay,
      Just wanted to say, I for one, note your compassion. My approach to the 4 biotechs I own is that,
      I carefully researched the companies and personally I put the patients welfare first and my financial rewards second. I just gotta root for those in such great need of a positive outcome.
      I'm sure most investors don't ,but I won't judge them ,they create their own karma. Everyone is ragging on Frank so much......I'm just trying to keep a positive outlook .....I totally believe this science is really revolutionary ,perhaps especially because of Dr. Langer. That said ,there could be setbacks along the way but NVIV is definitely moving forward. I think we will hear word shortly ,don't know "how many days" and I'm ok with that. I do think that it isn't as much of a "crapshoot" as you do though. This science is quite good and very exciting. They (FDA and NVIV) are just hammering out the details is what it feels like to me. Even if it takes longer than
      we want, it will happen. We might just need to stay long ....a little longer!
      Good luck longs!

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    • ..."The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience."

      How can you ask investment capitalists to find nobility in the selling off of shares for profit and padding their 401K's? The investors nor the management are exercising any "nobility" in this regard.

      I, for one, was robbed of my dignity by a drunk experiencing road rage, who crushed me against a cement wall by jumping a curb. I have had 22-operations on my legs and spent 3-months in the hospital, which devastated me financially and emotionally. Its no fun being in a wheelchair, although I am no longer in one. I invested in this company with an understanding of the "hope" of which you speak. However, as a begger at the door, its sickening to me to see management drowning in cash that wasn't theirs to begin with.

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    • It ain't a longshot, It appears to work. but Frankie keeps phuh king up and how will Frankie live with himself if he lets all the spinal sufferers down?

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