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  • cynicoptimist cynicoptimist Feb 22, 2013 5:33 AM Flag

    Flow of Information Problems, Same Guy Again to Blame

    Guess who?
    Let's look at this from a balanced critical point of view. Frank? Lauren? Do you people ever read message boards or take feedback from anybody? Maybe not. Do you receive phone calls and emails from investors? No doubt. How about some better communications? It is long overdue!

    I can't speak for other regulars here, but I rather LIKED when Frank Reynolds toured the country and told the InVivo Therapeutics story on TV stations. I know there were criticisms, but at least the word was getting out. Pretty much the only problem I ever had and one that is concurred by I'm guessing 99.44% of all investors is the over-promising of timelines. Whether all that was just being over enthusiastic coupled with any number of the following, amateurism, naivite, or is some kind of peculiar personality defect, I guess we won't know. But what we do know is that it has caused credibility damage. And it was easily avoidable.

    But now... when some news -any news- would be nice... we get NOTHING. That is patently unfair to all of those who have invested in this company. Ok I get it, maybe, that nobody wants to comment on the FDA process while it is on-going. I'll grant you that. But let's get something out besides some athlete sponsored by the company or other external events. How about hydrogel news? General updates. Something. In many ways, silence is just as bad as irresponsibly over-promising timelines, because it implies a hiding of something. I think that a psychologist would find it fascinating how one of the key people who have elevated the company to where it is today, also exhibits such peculiar behaviors as to have also caused it the most harms. If that sounds harsh, put yourself in the place of a "blind" investor who has put an appreciable amount of $ into this. A little bit of openness and information would really be appreciated as such great silence is rather detrimental.

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    • I talked with investor relations yesterday and they are simply waiting on the fax to come in with the HUD information. I get what you are saying but its never a good idea to deliver the news...that we have no news. Its simply not in NVIV's hands. The only thing different between now and January 28th or what ever our fake dream date was is time. Give the process time and we will be fine. In a perfect world we would off hit the right date and took off from 2.50 now we need to get back up there with news and then the news cycle will pick up pace. IDE, HDE, Hydrogel partner etc.. etc... I am buying more and trying not to watch the ticker all day :)

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