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  • sawberre sawberre Mar 20, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    say it isn't so, joe

    you guys are on the right track. but this guy goes beyond just a few recent aliases. shortly after geron halted its trial and nviv spiked, a guy by the name of tdwarren appeared here. at first, he tried to save us all from ourselves. but it quickly dissolved into his true motive - he hated the prospect that nviv might be able to treat or cure victims of sci. and of course, the only thing he hated more than that was frank, himself. after he disappeared, joe springer's puff piece appeared on seeking alpha mocking these victims and, of course, bashing frank. was td springer's first alias? ever since, we have witnessed a parade of bashers all sharing these traits: 1) having no empathy for victims of sci. 2) a deep-seeded hate for frank and 3) a hypersensitivity to insults and always requesting that longs kindly refrain from such. a rash of sensitive bashers? kind of gay, but i'll get to that later.
    lately, these bashers state they own and have done well with their investment here, but have serious questions whether the co has a viable business plan. maybe it's just me, but if i feel that way about a co, i short it. eventually, they all end their presence here with a firestorm of frank hate and the next alias shows up starting the cycle over and over.
    what motivates someone like joe to carry this grudge with frank for so long? i have a couple theories.
    1) unrequited love - being in love with someone that can't or doesn't love you back must be very painful. we're not judging, whatever you want to do with another man in private is your business. but i see a lot of issues if that other man is not a willing participant in such behavior. i see issues and possilbly a restraining issue.
    2) the apprentice complex - you're fired. maybe you were promised a position within the co. based on your behavior here, it's clear you were not a fit for this fine co. a few of your aliases have alluded to the 26 year old aprentice now working with frank (see #1)


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    • 3) maybe you are just content with the current arrangement sci pts have with paralysis. have an accident, live in a wheelchair. i would have to say there is a special place in heaven for people like you.
      of course, throw in a couple nut jobs like y and you have all your bases covered. it would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. it must be driving you batty knowing that each day nviv is closer and closer to a trial start. and there is no amount of bashing that can change that fact. anyway, just wanted to share my observation for those of you that are new to nviv. in the meantime, it's a free country, so happy bashing to joe and good luck to nviv and frank

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