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  • amandak4mk amandak4mk Apr 3, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    NVIV Charts Showing a Sign of Confidence AND I Have Spoken With IR

    The pps is moving up with no news. Normally a lack of information would allow the trend over the last few days to continue. That tells me that positive news is imminent. I have spoken with IR (Brian). I am not going to quote him because I don't want to misquote. But here is what I have gathered from the conversation...

    -Brian sounds VERY excited and confident that we will receive positive news in the VERY near future.
    -He has a press release ready and waiting to send out as soon as he receives confirmation.
    -He is checking every 5 minutes to be sure he hasn't missed a response.
    -A PR will only be released around 6:00 a.m. before market open.
    -The company has received no feedback from the FDA about anything since the IDE request was made.
    -Brian would love to go ahead and put out the release, but worries that there is a possibility that a technical error could have kept them from receiving feedback. It would be a really bad thing to send out a release of positive info if they had somehow not received a response.
    -He is tempted to check with the FDA, but wants to hold off for a few more days. It's probably not a good idea to be pushy with this agency.

    I am very excited. Brian has taken my e-mail address to send me a copy of the release as soon as it is posted. I am expecting to wake up and see great news in my e-mail box by the end of the week. Hold on to your shares. Add if you can. I would STRONGLY recommend against selling today because we could wake up tomorrow to see news of approval. GLTA!!! =)

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    • Looks like I had it backward about which was coming first, but I was right about positive news being imminent! It's going to be an exciting day, week, month, year!!! Thank you Brian! :)

    • Hey Amanda,
      I personally want to say thanks for all your efforts and shared knowledge. Please just disregard what bs dblankfein has to say. He is so very strange and simply looking for a fight. You have always come across to me as a very passionate investor in NVIV and a believer in their science. One thing I've noticed too, is you apologize if you misspoke. Paid pumpers would never do that. You work very hard to check, as best you can ,
      to be sure your information is correct. I think anyone who follows this message board knows that dblankfein
      is a jack*** and you are not a paid pumper.
      Good luck Amanda and thanks,

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    • Time we go to battle, Amanada! Are you hired, or compensed by NVIV in any form, as some posters here are?
      Of which I can prove? Of which I can also substantiate that I only write the SEC as an ex promoter who knows all the tricks? Defame me, respond to me with the oh so predictable denegrations that hired touts always bring!
      I await your insults to motivate me. You are a HIRED TOUT.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Hahaha. WOW. You are hilarious! Looks like someone escaped from the psych ward and found the Yahoo Finance message board. Battle? Arrests? Compensed? Hired tout? This doesn't even deserve a response, but I'm a little bored so here goes...

        -My comments haven't always been rosy. Check my history. I have questioned a few things.
        -The only compensation that I will be receiving is the difference between my average share cost and the price that I eventually decide to sell at.
        -I thought about proving beyond any doubt that I am a woman by sharing my full name, of which the first is Amanda, and telling you to decide by viewing my Facebook profile and other links to me...BUT...I think that would be an unwise decision considering the fact that you seem to be a very disturbed individual who could find me.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Forget my last posting...I think I'll expose you. My tenacity has brought arrests, and strangely (lol), no suits against me! So let's start now! I say you are a TOUT who receives compense for your constant rosy comments and defenses of a stock that becomes ever more questionable.
        Bring it on! You're not even a female! Let's have some fun, lawbreaker from non disclosure!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • So two things: Which approval were you two talking about- HUD designation or IDE/HDE approval to begin the trial (which is then subject to some IRB approval as well... should be routine)? or boht?

      And where/on what website is he checking every 5 minutes for approval. Earlier today I tried to figure out where I could check myself ... and couldn't figure it out. The FDA doesn;t make it easy. I see the stock lifted off around 11AM today after being down with the marlket initially. $.25 swing from the low today.

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      • Hi loose_cargo. We were speaking about both HUD and IDE during the conversation. From what I understand the IDE is what has most of us on pins and needles with the timeline and I think that was the main topic. I don't want to say that he expects news on both in the very near future because it wasn't stated in that way and I don't want to give out false information. I should have recorded the phone
        About your second question...I'm sure he was referring to company sources (e-mail, fax etc..) that we would not be able to access through any website available to the public. We won't be able to find that information until he receives it and releases it himself in a press release.
        And...Yeah, there was a $.26 swing from the low today. Strange the way it got taken back down a notch so quickly near the end, but it looked like it was headed back up at close.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You are a good ole girl Amanda. Thanks for sharing. Good initative.

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