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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 5, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    why so long before the human trials start?

    I would have thought they would of had everything ready, and be able to start in weeks instead of months.

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    • I think the company is ready. They still need to go through the patient selection process and they need to make all the formal arrangements with the hospitals. Lots of little details. Also I think that Frank has finally learned to report conservatively. So, maybe it.could happen within two months. Time flies. I bet we also get some news on hydrogels inside of 8 weeks. Things are going to be cranking and 2013 is a big year for InVivo Therapeutics. Patience has proven to be virtuous here.

    • Figured I'd comment in the hopes that this might clear up some of the more clinical questions people are having about the trial date. While the FDA has given approval, that doesn't mean that Langer and Co. can just show up at the Brigham or MGH and try this on the first person who might be a suitable candidate. There is still significant preperation on the medical side in terms of logistics, OR space, administrative ladders here in Boston, etc.

      Understand that the next, albeit small, step is going to be in preparing the clinicians who will be attempting this. This isn't a bad thing, and personally I'd be a lot more concerned if they were talking about rushing into the trial instead of taking some time to hammer out these issues.

    • it's a little different than replacing a dead battery. I'm sure there is a sifnificant anount of preparation to have the dr's and site ready, then to properly select a recent candidate that should benefit from the procedure. As he said, he's taking his time so it can be done right the first time, I'm OK with that. i think we see continuing buying pressure. To me the pps is too low considering the milestones accomplished. I think we inch upward, and it looks like it may take positive prelim results to get this really moving. Since it's open label, we should start getting results not long after the trial starts. All imo, glta and do your own dd

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