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  • latelabnights88 latelabnights88 Apr 12, 2013 10:55 AM Flag

    Opinion on next buy-in point

    What do you guys think about the current situation and buying in for more shares? Wait a few days to let it settle, jump in now in case of another crazy rise, decisions decisions...

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    • Buy now and on every pullback. This is headed mostly up.

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    • The most important part of investing is to manage your loses. Never ever ride a stock down and never ever buy more as it slides. People will say buy more as it lowers your average price. This is a pure sign of an inexperienced investor. Try and catch a falling knife, bound to get cut the majority of times.
      Nothing wrong with buying on a slight pullback, but wait on it to rise off the bottom. If you buy on the way down, no one knows where the bottom is and the majority of investors or traders that have fallen by the wayside over the years has chased a stock down.
      I always know at time of purchase when I will sell for a loss. Manage your losses. As the price rises, lift your sell price up which will always be below the current price. This way you can ride the stock up, but protects your downside. Now, that said, ensure your sell price is far enough below to ride out the days gyrations or you will get stopped out. If you do get stopped out you can always buy back in. No big deal.

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    • Now! They have been wanting to uplist to the Nasdaq for the past year. I'm guessing that they have all the paperwork done to uplist. They will meet the conditions a company needs to uplist on May 5. What do you think happens to the share price when NVIV uplists to the Nasdaq

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    • There may be a pull back once the excitement of the announcment wears off and there is a period of waiting on the start of the human trial.

    • The support is established at $3.15-3.20 now. If it goes under, it may hit $2.60. I will look for this 2 numbers

    • Trying to get in cheap won't work as well as before the announcements.

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    • Really? You are worried about a buy in point with a company like this? This is a speculative company but they are establishing a trend toward a product release. Only a fool would be buying on trends. You need to get in - accumulating now

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      • Ease up. My background is in biophysics, not investing. I work under the same umbrella institute that NVIV came out of, so I understand the science and the likelihood of the in vivo models matching human results very well. In fact, I only opened a brokerage account to buy into NVIV and a couple other companies who have therapeutics that will be successful.

        I invest (for a whole 3 months now) based on my background in science and published data, not on "trends". There are people who have questions because they're new to fluctuations in the market, not because they're trying to game the system.

    • i've posted what i think many times before, i think fund and institutional buying will drive this to $5 by the time the trial actually starts. It's so thinly traded that large buying will drive it up fast like what's happening today. I never freaked out when it dipped before the FDA approvals, so I'm not worried now either. I'm more focused on what the pps will be after trial starts, nasdaq uplist, hydrogel partner, by Dec NVIV could easily be knocking on $10 imo, glta

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