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  • adriannicolson adriannicolson Apr 19, 2013 12:43 PM Flag


    I still am surpised that all the good news from NVIV only moved this stock up 30%. I am still so excited by this company, its team and what is has down the line. This stock and CUR form a large piece of my portfolio in bio stocks and I really feel a real breakout is close at hand with NVIV. Good luck to all longs as we set sail to major success ahead

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    • I think we'll see a rise in anticipation of results once enrollment has begun and surgeries have started. Hopefully sooner if some of the planned catalysts play out this quarter.

      I really wish transparency of this company were better. If things go quiet for a few weeks, I think the PPS may drift down. If that happens, I'll load up for some swing trades, but will still hold my core position.

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      • onsite - first off I respect your posts and your right to your opinion.

        In my opinion, this company is about as transparent as they come. Every time I see comments like "I really wish transparency were better" I cringe. They are publicly-held and held to the utmost scrutiny from the SEC.

        I sometimes think posters on this board want to be in Frank's office every day, hearing every word spoken, reading every email, listening in on every call.

        What more do people want from them in 'transparency'??? Press releases every day that say nothing new since yesterday???

        I don't get it. That said, GLTA

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      • That is my exact same strategy, except that I did buy on this recent sub-$3.10 dip. The more we dip, the more I buy as long as I have the means. That said, I'm ready to sell other things if needed. I'm holding the core but there's a small percentage to play with.

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    • Adrian - great to see you back on this message board. Your last post from a couple months back sounded so worrisome, though I shared the same concerns (please do something, this stock is taking such a hit), but then we had all that good news and the pps rise. I totally agree that we should be higher than where we are. Keep the faith and I think we'll see some more upside in the next month and onward.

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