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  • aretxen aretxen May 1, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Yesterday .. good exposure ... for sure ... a few things however ... Frank follow along !

    Everyone on this board knows what this company is all about . We all understand what Frank is saying and what he is intending to say.

    Pretend for a second you never heard of this company as did the majority of those watching yesterday. I watched the interview and Frank was at his best. Certainly better than the day before in Canada.

    One thing he left out which is the cornerstone of this entire device and very simple to explain.... the "scaffold" ... A bridge of sorts ... This pretty much explains everything .. At least to me . The monkey was great but what caused the healing of the scare tissue ... " a bridge from good to good" .

    Now had Varney had the opportunity to say .. "now I get it" .. that would have been a huge catalyst. Frank has to remember his audience .. make it simple. So simple that they want to explore this company in depth ..

    Frank .. doubtful , but I hope you are reading this.. Otherwise nice job ... your getting better. Next time remember the scaffold ! It's your very own special "medical device" . Nothing else like it ...

    Long ... very long ... need a new boat !

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    • aretxen,

      I understand your concern about wanting everyone to know as much as we know about the company, but what floats one person's boat does not necessarily float another's. The CEO only has so much time to get in a ton of information. Your "bridge from good to good" does not tell the story, either. For example, one of the most important things the scaffold does is absorb blood from the injury, which is, of course, toxic to the neurons in the area - keeping them from being destroyed during those 21 days following surgery.

      The picture of the poor monkey dragging his leg, followed by a walking monkey is all anyone with any money needs to see.

      EVERYONE understands not walking versus walking!

      Actually seeing the monkeys is the single most compelling piece of information the company can present regardless of time allowed to explain exactly how the product works. One picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words!

      Wasting time on metaphors to help non scientists understand the actual process is counter productive to getting out as much information about the company and relevant patient populations as possible.

      Onsite84's question as to whether Hydrogel or Partnerships were mentioned seems more in keeping with the purpose of the exposure - that is, hit 'em over the head with the Monkeys and then get as much info out as possible about the scope of application.

      Once again, I appreciate your concern, but if investors saw the monkeys walking and did not do any DD on this company, they do not deserve to be here.

      Good luck

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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