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  • goingtoatt goingtoatt May 1, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

    Frank Reynolds

    My son is paralzyed from the waist down from a car accident in May of 2011. I have talked to Frank on the phone when he called me after I contacted his company to see if they could help my son and have exchanged emails with him over the last few months. The latest one (today) from Frank wanted to know how my son was doing and informed me one of his employees will contact me to get the details of my sons injury to see if he could participate in his reseach for the Polymer Scaffold Seeded with Autologous Human Neural Stem Cells product.
    I have found Frank to be a caring person who really wants to help all who are paralzyed. His compnay and the products they are working on give hope to all who are suffering everyday.
    I have invested in the company and hope that it is successful as the money I make will help pay for my son's medical bills.

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    • Sir, I wish you and your son all the best. 9500 shares here and wish I had more. I am hopeful this company is able to help your son and many like him and in the process enable to us early investors to retire early(only if I feel like it, since I am only 26). Take care.

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    • Obviously we wish your son the best and prey for the success of these modern miracles.

      As for all of us greedy investors ... yes we are, all very true ... All need to remember it is our $$ investments that helps to provide and move forward the research that develops these ground breaking new products.

      When your son walks again everyone will win. This is one of the few companies where an investor can feel very good about the greed that occurs naturally .... with all investors.

      We will all win and feel very good doing it !

      Best of Luck, Keep us posted

    • I don't care if I lose every cent I've invested in In Vivo if the scaffold should fail to live up to expectations---just the chance to bring hope to all those SCI patients who had no hope before makes this a risk I am very happy to take. Although the Christopher/Dana Reeve Foundation (and the Rick Hanson Foundation in Canada) does some remarkable work providing support and resources to the SCI community its In Vivo that is providing the "hope".

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    • Hi, thanks for joining the discussion and sharing some personal information. I, too, a paralyzed as a result of a car accident in 2004 when I was 24. Can I talk with you further and privately?

    • Hi goingtoatt,
      I think I remember you writing on this board a few months ago. I remember your story ,as well as your hopes.
      I am so very happy for you and him and look forward to the future for you both. I also can't wait until Frank gets more than a five minute interview to tell the world there is progress for those with SCI. The truth is we already have progress simply by the FDA giving them the green light . That says a whole lot all by itself.
      I wish you all the best.

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      • KC.

        I think you speak for all of us.

        Interestingly, I think most of us would give up our profits here, if that would guarantee people would get up from their wheelchairs and walk.

        Sometimes it is easy to forget the real goal, with all the worrying about the price of the stock from day to day and other diversions on this board.

        Best of luck to all the SCI patients who are putting their faith and hope in this company!

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