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  • envy_vo envy_vo Jun 24, 2013 3:51 AM Flag

    Johnesallen, what's your problem?

    First,, thanks for pointing out the change in the start of the trial. That is useful information for which everyone here should be grateful.

    Second, your interpretation is suspect, at best.

    1. I do not understand why you seem to be preaching people should trade the stock now? I am a trader, but have decided to play golf rather than spend my time watching the share price of a stock I believe will appreciate far beyond my wildest expectations - and I am very, optimistic.

    2. Your trading thesis is ill-conceived. In the past, a deadline missed might have meant the price would continue to drift lower, but today's situation is entirely different! As a trader, I am surprised you are oblivious to the difference between then and now. I have always thought the basis for good trading was essentially understanding the difference between one day in the market and another.

    For example, the next catalyst is and has been the up-listing to a major exchange. A short postponement of a catalyst that is scheduled down the road (trial) should have little impact on the upcoming price movement due to up-listing on a major exchange.

    3. I have always hoped for a greater lag time between up-listing and trials and have posts to that effect. So, the news you are reporting is actually good news to me. Someone else recently posted about the tragedy of having one's birthday on Christmas - fewer presents.

    4. Your statement that this should not be someone's main holding is absurd IMO. In fact, it is my only holding, precisely because of the near-term catalysts of which I believe up-listing will be the greatest. Of course, I should add that stocks are not my only investment, but as far as stocks go, I believe this is the only one for me to buy.

    In defense of my strategy versus yours, I would ask you to post two or three stocks you believe will do better than NVIV between now and August 1. I am sure we are all interested to learn what stock(s) you believe is/are better than NVIV.


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    • My biggest problem is not that trials were delayed to the fall. It is the manner in which it was communicated.

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    • Speculative companies not meant to be a large holding in your portfolio but should perform nicely the rest of the year.

    • To companies that will out perform NVIV:

      1. TGTX - First this is a company that has set a development timeline and has actually met its goals. It has two drugs tgr-1101 which from early data appears to be highly effective in patients refractory/relapsed to rituximab (confirmed complete response to patients refractory to rituximab). It also has tgr-1202 a PI3K inhibitor which has a differentiated structure from Gilead and INFI PI3k inhibitor. Although there has been no announcement the company in its latest presentation alluded to combination studies in the next couple of months which indicates they must have seen efficacy signals with tgr-1202. A revenue raise also indicates they are initiating additional trials which according past statements was only going to happen if there was efficacy in tgr-1202. Management meets deadlines and insiders are not selling despite appreciation of the stock. Best of all this company is a fraction of the cost to its competitors and also has been mention as a buyout target.

      2. IMUC - Great play for a run-up to clinical trial results at the end of the year and low risk because have past the last interim analysis. Company with an extremely low valuation. This sort of cancer vaccine added to a PD-1 inhibitor could potentially be the gold standard going forward for certain cancers.

    • Great post! I would like to hear two-three ideas Johneallen thinks would outperform NVIV.

      Also, NVIV is also my main holding right now for same reasons. GLTA.

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    • This is also my main holding for the summer because catalysts and future events are in-place and the stock has more upside than anything out there. I sold all other holdings the last few weeks since the markets are pulling back. But unlike commodities, precious medals, and housing, this stock is on a path with high-flying milestones soon to transpire and won't be derailed by macro highjinks. Look at the behavior of NVIV over the last 3 days of last week - the overall markets pulled back, but NVIV held ground on the biggest down days in the market.

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    • Great challenge to Johnesallen, envy_vo. I'd love to know what he considers is a better option. I seriously doubt he has one. LOL!!!

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