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  • dogsscrewbrokerss dogsscrewbrokerss Jun 24, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    frank misses another deadline set by himself

    Early fall for trials now? so much for July 4th, what a joke, in about 2 months it will say early 2014. Frank sets these internal deadlines over and over again, only to miss them again and again
    what about the uplisting in 60 days, is that still going to happen? what's the delay there?

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    • My guess is that he either wants to, or has to, meet the $4 PPS, rather than the lower $2-$3 options. To meet that, the PPS has to stay above $4 for at least 20 trading sessions - something it hasn't done.

    • I have to agree, very odd that he sets the date then misses it, it's going to be hard to establish credibility with the institutions if he continues along these lines. I'm waiting to see if he indeed gets us on a major's good to be "pumped" as he said but you've got to wonder what happened. If it's as easy as he says, why the delay...I'm a bit perplexed by this...waiting for uplisting which had better happen before the next earnings conf call or he'll have a lot of explaing to do...holding tight for now but....

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