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  • envy_vo envy_vo Jun 25, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    Thoughts on negativity

    How can anyone be negative about this stock?

    Up-listing to a major exchange is imminent. Although the estimates vary widely here, I believe the stock will more than double and put the price between $7 and &10.

    One need nothing more than this single piece of information to understand this stock is a ridiculously strong buy. The only components relevant are the story of the company and demand:

    a. The story: Monkeys are walking! Just look at the video on the company web site. One need not be a rocket scientist to see how compelling the story is.

    b. Demand: Going from OTC to a major exchange will increase the number of potential buyers and therefore demand.

    We can each of us take into account the size of the float, the story, increased demand, and generate our own estimate of how high the price will go due to up-listing alone. That is, it is not a question of direction of price change but one of magnitude.

    How can anyone be negative about a stock where the question is not is it going up, but how high is it going up?

    Well, stock prices go up and down due to a myriad of causes. Unfortunately, when people say something negative that corresponds with downward movement in the stock, they believe they "caused" the price movement. Similarly, when someone says something positive that corresponds to an upward movement in price, they believe they "caused" the movement. It is the psychological phenomenon of reinforcement.

    So, fool after fool will say both negative and positive things about this stock on this message board because they believe they actually have some effect on the stock. I know this sounds foolish, but it is human nature.

    Remember, sometimes high school students join make-believe stock clubs and believe stalking message boards and posting "doom and gloom" predictions will hurt their opposition.

    Silly, I know, but a high school mentality is capable of lots of foolishness.


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    • All of this talk changes the minds of small investors but the big boys dont need yahoo mb to figure this one out. The bashers have been on this since $1.50 ask Yzzzz he was one of them then he did real research on Franks selling etc.. and he found religion. Let em bash.. don't feed the trolls all they want is your time and shares.

      News about up listing has been the biggest mover of this stock. When HUD news came we had a very small move but when the warrant info hit the wire..that moved it way up. Look at Jason N twitter feed he tells the facts. Low hurdle for study and any positive result will fill up the news channels. Right about the time people lose patience this stock runs and runs fast with this small float.

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    • Uplisting to a major exchange can go both ways- large buyers and also large sellers *cough* shorts

      It's a two-edged sword.

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      • Danny,

        The up-listing will have a huge impact on share price, driving it way past $5.

        So, you are correct in thinking shorts will show up, as NVIV will certainly become marginable. OTOH, investors like me who are willing to buy on margin, will probably offset the shorts.

        Like you, I believe the shorts will come; however, I doubt they will come in large numbers. There are too many other biotechs to short, and as a1ag says, NVIV has a "Low hurdle for study and any positive result will fill up the news channels."

        It would be great if our short interest was huge, because we could trade the short squeeze after every successful milestone was met. Unfortunately, the only shorts foolish enough to short this stock will be the ones who believe their posts on a message board have some effect on the price, and we will no doubt be forced to endure their foolish posts, with very little volume due to their having to cover, because they just do not have the money to back a large short position.


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    • Good points- there are certain posters such as Harold who want to try to mislead people. It's okay though- no babble on a message board will stop catalysts/results.

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