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  • getmoney517365 getmoney517365 Jul 6, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    Serious Answers Only

    What do you believe this stock will be worth in five years?

    How did you come to that conclusion?

    Thanks in advance

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    • BTW there is really not "serious answer" to it. Nobody can see into future. It is a bet...with solid science behind it.

    • Maybe $100 maybe $.50. All depends on how successful will scafold in first place and other products in second proove to be. Nobody can give you the answer and if they do it is just an guess without real numbers.
      You have to believe in what they doing. If you do hop in. If you have doubt...don't do it.

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      • yzzycz,

        Great answer! Five years down the road is just too long of an interval for a biotech. As you said, the scaffold trial will tell us a lot. If it is even remotely successful, we should be soaring well into the double digits.

        The great thing about this stock, is that the up-listing will put everyone well into the green, and the announcement of the first patient enrolled should be an added boost. At that point, people who invest now will be able to take some profits. Depending on how much one is willing to risk, the "gamble" could easily be with the "house's" money - actually, I do not believe there is such a thing as the house's money. Nevertheless, I do not see much of a gamble until we are waiting for results. Of course, that is when the shorts will arrive, which should provide us with another opportunity.


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    • Another company will take it over before 5 years. The more successful the tests the quicker a larger medical company will entertain a takeover price. Hopefully management will try and get the best deal.

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    • Blue sky does spell it out, but I'll give u a simple #:
      1. World Wide Scaffold Market Annually ( Acute Injury ). 10 Billion
      2. World Wide Hydrogel market (pain only) , not for delivering meds, growing organs 17 Billion
      Etc .
      3. Scaffold seeded with Stem Cells for chronic paralysis. Look I am not even going
      To include this. The number is really big! Try 3 million people world wide at
      100k per procedure.
      So lets just look at indications 1&2 only. 27 B potential market
      90 M fully diluted shares
      = $300 per share
      But, lets just say we capture only 40% of world wide market= $ 120/share
      Keep in mind, according to Frank, we are the only players in the 17B pain mktg for this type of technology
      & we 7 years exclusive rights on spinal scaffold . Anyway, my number is : 5 yr pps: $ 120/share.

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    • Search the blue sky threads for some ideas on what could happen.

    • I think it will depend on whether Mr. Reynolds decides to sell the company-two names that keep coming up are Johnson & Johnson and Stryker--one thing Mr. Reynolds has repeatedly said is that he will do the best he can to maximize shareholder value--so guessing a pps is a difficult call

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