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  • curtis238 Jul 19, 2013 10:42 PM Flag

    I'm new to nviv. Lend a hand

    I recently bought shares for nviv this week due to the great buzz n so on. But anyway where does this company stand? What things should I know? By the way, people on this message board are awesome. Also what do you guys think about affymax?

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    • Hey curtis,
      Congrats on your investment. Try this perhaps ....over the weekend go through about the last six pages. You will learn so much and get super excited about Monday with all your knowledge about your new investment. It really is all good...sounds funny to say that but it's true. Read everything on the investor website and watch the videos . Check out Dr. Langer's bio OMG! Now that you are soooo excited you can't stand it call your mom , sister ,brother ,lady down the street , your boss , the mailman , your 1st grade teacher anyone you care about because for right now, this is quite affordable ,but it won't be for long. Then report back to me with any questions LOL and if I can't answer it i will try to figure out who can.

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      • Hope my comments came out the way I meant them. I really did tell my mom, brother, lady down the street and my first grade teacher and they bought NVIV. And I really did mean it when I said let me know if I can help you. When I reread it I thought it might of sounded kind of flip and that is not the way I meant it. I wish you the best of luck here Curtis. Your radar is right on!

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    • Welcome on board curtis. I am in affy as well. I would suggest going through this board and reading some comments by long term and very knowledgeable longs. Also check out the website. Lots of stuff. This is a very exciting time to be in nviv. You made a good decision. As regards affy, it really is a coin toss. Hopefully that gamble pays off. Maxdad says he has 100k shares in affy. I don't have that kind of money and even if I did I would not want that kind of money in it. It really is extremely risky. GL.

    • You appear to have other motives than for NVIV. If you did invest in NVIV then you must be smart enough to know why you did.

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