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  • aleksejlev Jul 22, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    Uplisting target missed

    I am a long term investor in NVIV, and I am getting sick and tired of Frank Reynolds missing all the target dates he sets. On the 23rd of May he said that the uplisting will occur in 2 months if not much earlier. It definitively didnt happen much earlier nor is it happening today, so add this to the list of promises that he didn't keep.

    Thanks again Frank!

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    • A thought - Will the NYSE or NASDAQ recognize the change in Shareholder Liability on the books if it hasn't yet been filed with the SEC? If not, that should reflect with the filing of the Q2 earnings, which should be within the first 2 weeks of August.

    • My guess is that Frank didn't just pull the 60 days out of the air. He was probably provided this by the exchanges that NVIV applied to OR he had numbers for past uplistings. I'm leaning to the former. In the world of investing, I've learned to have patience--especially when it comes to investments that are essentially, no-brainers.

    • As a long term investor of NVIV and my primary holding I can understand. He may be off on his deadlines but I don't really care as this has been an excellent investment. If you are that sick and tired of making a great return- you should sell.

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    • If you are a long term investor what does it matter? They will uplist eventually and value will be realized. Meanwhile I am looking at any substantial pullback as a chance to pad my share count.

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    • Most CEO's are criticized for not informing shareholders of anything .. and this is the reason why .....They would rather say nothing rather than be accused of over hyping the company .... Its very hard to keep everyone happy ....Just be patient and it will happen ..

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    • So what do you want? Yes Frank tends to be overly optimistic, I'd rather him over-deliver results than timelines.

      I'm sure Frank has done all he can at this point and now he's at the mercy of the exchange and regulators controlling the uplisting. Just calm down.

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    • jen_brooks Jul 22, 2013 7:35 AM Flag

      ONVO news was released at 8:05am.... Does NVIV control that news or does the exchange they are uplisting to? Not that I think it is today.....

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    • Like I said the only thing 100% certain was that up-list news was not coming today.

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    • Go back and watch the 20 minute video on may 23! If you spend 40 minutes and watch this 2 x and you still don't realize how short sighted this post is sell. This is Not about July 22 this is about the next 6 months and way after that.

    • Take a chill pill and just be glad your invested in NVIV. Good things come to those who wait. I too am anxious for NVIV to advance. In the meantime, I am more than happy to take advantage of the lull before the storm of activity and the increase in share price that is coming, to add to my position:)

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