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  • bobbyjbar bobbyjbar Jul 22, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    What happened

    to this stock between 3:50 am 4?

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    • bryan Jul 23, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

      This may be redundant but i think needs to be addressed because this thread always come up when new investor pile into NVIV. Market forces (be it what they may) will always play a role in creating both opportunites and liquidity. If you are long term investor you have nothing to worry about. its inevitable that days/swing/momentum traders are going to trade NVIV based on Technical breakouts.. When a company spikes like we saw yesterday in the 1st half of the day..its natural to have a pull back from interday highs. I look it as a very good thing even from a technical perspective (which is not what I really look at but helps to support other factos).. Now we have a gap up to fill to $ 6.20 which i am confident we will retrace in good time. MM's here have a lot to do with providing the both the necessary liquidity and ability to step out of the market when the forces that are driving price push the pps up. I have been in the stock since the private placement days in Dec of 2010 so patience to me has always been about keeping dialed in but not obsessed with daily price swings. We are still heading north with the right momentum pushing higher. I can understand the frustration in losing 10% on starting a new position, but most of us here are already averaged down at much lower cost factors. If after the swing, NVIV would have closed lower yesterday (in the Red)... but we were up over 3% from the day before...not sure what all fuss is about.

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    • I think I know what happened. In short, I think it means we're about to be uplisted. The shares dumped between 3:50-4pm were peculiar indeed, and it HAD to have happened for a reason. I think it's anticipation of uplisting, and that those freed up shares are going to be gobbled up by smart money in the morning when the train runs again. And any weak hands selling into the seeming decline, due to anxiety from the violent drop, will provide even more shares to be gobbled up by smart money. I think MM's want a bunch of shares to sell in the morning and they got it, courtesy of somebody(s) who held a LOT. So, when you wake up, grab a large coffee and watch. I may be wrong, conspiracy theorist as I may sound, but I don't think so. I think we ride tomorrow.

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      • I was thinking something similar. I've seen all too many times big money manufactures a vertical "pop" then hits the bid and causes a quick drop, sucking in the unsuspecting weak hands, which just adds to the drop, then they scoop up all the shares at the bottom. As you say, very peculiar that it went down in the last 10 min. Time will tell right?

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    • tilopoker Jul 22, 2013 5:34 PM Flag

      similar happend to onvo today, probebly bc earnings season , take profits/ get extra money to buy new stocks

    • If mm's know big news is coming in the AM, they may have taken out stops to collect shares to sell back in the morning. If news in the AM, then we'll know why the drop. If no news, then i would say just daytraders protecting profits and good riddence to them. Considering the run it's had and the events in front of it, expect NVIV to be volatile, especially when they uplist. all imo, do your own dd

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    • grsprimate Jul 22, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

      IMHO It was a flurry of sells......a profit is a profit and with the % uptick in one day, big bucks are I would look at it as traders but still nice to see NVIV hold a gain for the day.

      We all know the pending news......when anything hits we jump at least 20% for the uplisting and who knows upon first positive result human....probably a double to start.

      Go long and PROSPER.....average down......I think this will be one for the records.

    • looks like folks using stops got stopped out...

    • good question, bobby.....

      waiting for days now for a pull-back......was this late drop a sign?

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    • Big player making moves here. May have taken out stops. Hard to tell what went on. Don't like to see that type of selling at end of day though.

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