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  • bear_raid10 bear_raid10 Jul 31, 2013 6:25 PM Flag

    Listen Carefully - We could See $ .25 - .50 Cents! Don't Laugh!

    The reason for this is the street has lost confidence in our mgmt. They can't trust them and when that happens, you're in big trouble. If you want an example, look at ACTC. They are at $ .07 and it's because mgmt. isn't true to their word. They're science is astounding, yet they languish. Mark this post and remember when I warned you. This is going down, WAY down!!!!

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    • ""The Street"" usually means institutional investors ,,, who are not allpwed tp trade NVIV ...A simple delay in the bureaucratic paperwork involved in listing is not a sign of bad management ... He was nominated for CEO of the Year .. so I don't think a couple day downturn would justify Crusifiction .... Seems big picture that he has done a prettty remarkable job to me unless the monkey was faking being paralyzed.....

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    • bhuston77 Aug 1, 2013 12:56 AM Flag

      Ridiculous. I've been pretty hard on NVIV today and am deeply disappointed with mgmt. right now, but this issue has at least trading value above $2/share.

    • Another idiot shows his lack of knowledge. I'm putting you on ignore because I don't have time to waste on stupid *&%$ like this.

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    • Cool Story Bro

    • ACTC have 2.2B shares. They diluted themself to doom. 30 times more shares than NVIV. There price even with terrible finacial situation would be when compared to NVIV number of shares $2.10
      You bashers are liers, all freakin losers without half of the brain. You think you will come with some #$%$ ACTC and price 0.07 nobody will look at number of shares issued? Loser all the way. Now go away

    • your mama told me she goes for 25-50 cents

    • I have actually done quite a bit of research on ACTC and the financial situation between ACTC and NVIV is MUCH different. I will agree that many do not trust Gary. I will also agree that the science at ACTC is major. Robert Lanza and Robert Langer are both brilliant. ACTC is progressing in their trials.

      But I won't agree that ACTC is at $0.07 purely because of distrust in management. Toxic financing coupled with dilution is the major culprit. Do you recall what was happening in the early 2000's with regards to stem cell research? 2002 - House passes a ban on all cloning of human embryos. So, companies like ACTC had to sit on their thumbs and wait...wasting money and time.

      I'll mark this post to laugh at you later.

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