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  • envy_vo envy_vo Sep 24, 2013 5:31 AM Flag

    Don't let Miker trick you into not buying!

    One of the reasons I do not like diversification is that it makes it difficult to trust people's intentions on these boards.

    For example, if Miker is diversified and he is waiting for his other stocks to go up before he sells and buys more NVIV, then how can we expect him to be truthful when evaluating this stock?

    Everyone here knows I am long the stock. Everyone knows my long term sentiment after every post. Why does Miker fail to provide his?

    Can you trust someone's opinion when you know he is diversified? Do you really believe there is no conflict of interest? Think about it.

    This is a terrific buy at these prices. Don't let Miker's BS dissuade you from getting in on a ten bagger.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Methinks you are trying to push the PPS up on your own. Good luck with that. Your posts on Yahoo will have a miniscule effect, if any.

    • And .....where did Mike say don't buy? You are just looking for attention.

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      • I never said that, KC, in fact I've always recommended patience here and maintaining a solid cash reserve to take advantage of trading opportunities. Envy just doesn't like it when he posts nonsense and I call him on it. I only do that because, well first of all: it's fun; and secondly to keep his ranting nonsense from unduly influencing the rookies among us.

        I'm all for buying NVIV. I've bought a lot of it (again, thanks for the tip last Spring) and I'm probably going to buy more; but it's not a fit for everyone's portfolio, and it should never be the only equity one owns. I think the current price is a dandy entry point if you can tolerate the risk. It's probably a little high right now for a swing-trade, but with the Conference coming up you never know.

      • Dung Beetle!

    • The market is not sane. Neither is what has happened to this stock. I don't listen to anyone anymore. I go with my own analysis. I will say that since envy has shown up the stock price has gone up each day. By a big overall percentage. If I didn't have so much invested in this already, I'd buy more.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • OMG Envy,
      Did you really just say " Can you trust someone who is diversified? Do you really believe there is no conflict of interest " . Oh dear , you really need to take a break. In other words ...we should all pick just one stock and stick with it no matter what. If I didn't own NPSP and HZNP right now, my portfolio would look pretty sad simply because of NVIV. You know , I am a true long NVIV and I do believe we will turn things around but I would be very worried if I only owned NVIV. Besides that, I really enjoy the science and medicine of these other companies and find them worthy for those reason as well. You sure like going against everyone's belief that I know. That would include top CEO's and CFO's that I have met through 30years of business.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Envy -

      Every time I see you post, I know I'm in for a good laugh, but today you have really outdone yourself! You make investment decisions based on what people on a message board will think of you???? What are you, twelve???

      My long term sentiment on this stock is a "strong buy", I own quite a bit of it (20,000 shares as of this morning), and I will probably buy more at some point. I don't feel the need to make a long-term disclosure with every post unless it's material in the context of the post itself. This is investing, Envy, not religion. I don't feel the need to cross myself, or cry "Allah Akbar" or Deus Io Vult!" every time I show up here. Unlike you, I make the working assumption that people can read and understand and make their own decisions.

      This is not the only stock I own, for the myriad reasons I have discussed all of which come down to one fundamental reason: I do this to make money. Over the course of the past several weeks I have made quite a bit of money in fact: I have bought and/or sold stocks in Horizon Pharma, Amarin, Arena, Sarepta and Apple, and I have bought (hooray!) and sold (gasp!) 10,000 shares here - all at a sizable profit. I will likely buy more shares here (I have an open order in at $1.15 for 10,000 shares and I will probably buy above that point if the situation warrants it).

      By the way, I'm not putting any of that money into NVIV. Some of it has gone into the bank; the rest is in my cash reserve for 2014. I have the "dry powder" to deal with my targets here.

      For the record, and as I have often stated, I think that $1.30 to $1.50 is an excellent entry point here to establish a long position - it may or may not be the best point to add to an existing position based on each individual's Cost Basis and/or other factors. I also recognize that not everyone's goals are the same as mine in terms of Return on Investment over Time so they should really do their own Due Diligence on any equity purchase.

      Thanks for the laugh.

    • Envy, in all due respect Miker has been one of the sanest opinions on this board. I don't think he's tricking everyone. I'm pretty sure he owns plenty here. GLTA

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      • Slurppy,

        I agree he probably owns some shares; however, he is also an admitted trader. So, his position in this stock changes based on trading strategy. The price is low. From $1, we have gone up 50% already. Do you think he is making that on his other investments? If the stock goes to $2, it is a 100%return on investment. Do you see a conflict of interest? I certainly do.

        As for being one of the "sanest opinions" on the board, how many times have I had to post WRONG AGAIN? Five, ten, twenty?

        He never says don't buy, but he continues to undermine the short term potential of this stock with foolish drivel like, 'the AMEX is where Mom and Pop Hedge Funds go to grab low-hanging fruit usually on the short side."

        Not only is he completely WRONG AGAIN, but he is discounting the value of a $2 share price, telling other longs here that such a price would only qualify the company for an exchange where "Mom and Pop Hedge Funds go to grab low-hanging fruit usually on the short side."

        Now is the time to make money. When the stock is down, that is when investors should be buying and adding to their positions. At $1.50 a rise to $3 is a double. A price of $15 is a ten bagger. how many investors here do you think have had a ten bagger?

        All I am trying to do is challenge his subtle bashing. Maybe others see it, maybe they don't. Maybe some people are sitting on the sidelines, watching the stock go up, maybe they are fully invested.

        I am long the stock, and see it as a spectacular buy at these levels. This is the time to buy, not when it is on the rise, and that is what I am trying to convey.

        Nobody owns enough NVIV.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I didn't even need to read the post to know it was ridiculous, all I needed was to see the title. I still haven't read the post.

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