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  • imnorockefeller imnorockefeller Sep 24, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

    Bunch of fools...

    This board is intended to be a community for exchanging ideas and information. Instead it has become a playground for anonymous buffoons with nothing to say but playground insults and childish blabber. And otherwise seemingly intelligent beings perpetuate it by responding to that nonsense. I don't know who's worse...the useless morons or those who respond to them. Grow up, and share something of value. If you can't, shut up.

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    • "Rock" if I may, that is precisely what the Ignore button should be used for on a daily basis. Well said post by the way.

      GLTU and all longs.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • There's nothing of value left to share. We're in a waiting pattern "feller". All of the promising science factoids, uplisting gaffe, catalyst delays, filings discussion, hiring/firing discussion etc etc have been well documented on this board ad nauseum. So, discussion of "favorite wildflowers, 1970's cartoon characters and where we first made whoopy" is all that's left until something tangible arises... Sad, but true. I, too, long for something concrete that's relevant to this stock but when management stays in the war room for weeks on end with no bones to throw us, the board, including myself, can tend to get stir crazy. Your BUNCH of fools post really didn't share anything of value in and of itself so I see that you're already joining in on the perpetual blabber that has for the most part, become this board...

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      • Tsy, I shouldn't have said "bunch" of fools, but rather, a "handful" of fools, as most (including you) do tend to contribute to the conversation in a constructive way. We're all stuck in a broken elevator with no AC...I get it. Feel the same antsyness. But I turn to this board to check on informed additions to the conversation. My apologies if I offended you by seeming to include you (and other mature board members) into my "BOF" group. The constructive voices know who they are, and the fools know who they are.

    • Totally agree. I also hold some ACTC . Now thats a message board you truly want to avoid. Who knows what nutters we deal with hiding behind their computers posting pure garbage!!!

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