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  • harvardmeats Oct 13, 2013 4:53 PM Flag

    Miker, I gotta question

    And anyone else who wants to reply please feel free.
    Ok, the scenario...For some reason "make one up" you have no choice but to take your total net worth and place it on 1 stock for the highest return in a 1 year period. Who and why?
    I should point out I know this is not wise or smart nor do I think it should be done, but I'm a gambler and often think this way. So I'm just curious. As for me I'd put it on NVIV. IMHO.

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    • ACTC

    • agree, don't put on one stock. i put most on one stock once and got killed on AEZS perifosine failure. Good chance NVIV doubles from here by Q1 2014. so if you did put everything here, sell half when it doubles so you won't get killed in case trial results are bad. Now is a great entry point here imo. Other bio's I like, SRPT, ARNA (as of their news today), and AMRN (is they get positive panel vote tomorrow). ACAD and CLDX appear like good long term plays also. Don't put everything on one stock imo, GL to us all longs

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • DDD. Completely revolutionized manufacturing, but still relatively small in market cap. Manufacturing is a $50 trillion market, DDD market cap now only $5.5 billion. Profitable, positive cash flow, aggressive management team. There is a chance they will beat Apple's return over the past 10 years, which was a 1000X return in 10 years.

      They are now printing car dash boards, packaging bottles, dental bridges, metal, and on and on.

    • Not going there. First of all, my stock portfolio represents maybe 40% to 50% of my net worth and I have spent so very much time arguing against a "one stock" philosophy that I'd feel like a complete hypocrite recommending any single stock. If I were somehow afflicted by some strange insanity that told me that equity investments were nothing more or less than a huge spin of the wheel my choice would most assuredly not be in developmental biotech, not be a small cap, and not be an OTC stock. It would be in an equity that paid very healthy dividends, could be hedged effectively with options, and was not wholly dependent on a long series of binary events any of which could break the wrong way.

      I believe that at current prices, NVIV represents a great investment opportunity as a purely speculative play. But I would never, ever recommend that it constitute the bulk of anyone's portfolio and i would certainly never recommend that anyone ever put their entire net worth into an equity that has so much risk associated with it.

      Sorry if you find my answer disappointing, but the fundamental premise behind my investment philosophy is "Don't get greedy". It's a premise that has served me well for many years, and I'm not prepared to abandon it even for purposes of speculative discussion.

      Good luck to you.

    • do the DD....

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