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  • justrpaul justrpaul Apr 4, 2013 10:58 PM Flag

    A different perspective

    I had a talk with a physician friend today. I brought up the Entolimod animal trial, where 75% of the primates treated with Entolimod survived a lethal dose of radiation, while only 25% placebo treated did.

    He pointed out that a lot of investigational drugs that work on animals don’t work on humans simply because our biochemistry is subtly but significantly different. Radiation poisoning though is a shock of a very different nature, analogous to a brutal shock to our plumbing. He thought that a drug that worked on animals for radiation poisoning has a far, far greater chance of working in humans than one trying to address a subtler disease. He felt that working out the right dose for humans would be the critical task, as you surely want Entolimod to work the first time it is truly needed.

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    • no offense but this info has already been vetted out 2-3 years ago with difference in animal and human and why they use specific species of primates and a regular physician with have no knowledge of this nor would they be in any position to make assumptions unless the physician isn't a physician and is a dr working in biotech and dealing with drug testing. not the same medical field. its like Mitch Hedgberg used to say, great your a chef can you farm

    • exactly, the trial currently going on right now at Roswell is due to finish up in October/November 2013. This trial includes humans, which will give us our lethal dosage number. hopefully. Sometimes talking to doctors etc. about investment and biotech talk will on steer you in the wrong direction, they see things in black and white as we would hope entolimod will land in the gray and be a break though for lethal radiation patients. they see things in odds, being number of people likely to die without, as we see it as to how many CBLB502 will save with. long story short, I dont always listen to what my doctor says about his or her "diagnosis" as much as what they believe science has to come. Many are very jaded and completely cut off from "modern/future" science as we see it today. I have been buying many different biotechs in the past 5 years, most of whom have come to approval and have had great success.... hold tight, good things to come from buffalo soon.

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