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  • still75 still75 May 12, 2008 11:42 AM Flag


    Can anybody explain why this stock is declining when we are less than a week from earnings report? You would think people would be buying to get in at lower levels. Is it because of the earthquake?

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    • Either the big boys know something we don't about this stock's upcoming earnings report (there are ALWAYS leaks), or the ride up already happened when stock hit 18 and profit taking then took place. I'm sitting out at this point until later in the week. If earnings are "terrific" and the stock heads up in after hours, I'll buy. Earnings are a crap shoot. Just ask the people who were holding GE overnight recently when unexpected bad earnings posted after hours! I do expect them to be good, but expecting is different from knowing.

    • The MMs are playing with the stock. They drive it down and then pick up shares. I've been watching the intraday action and that's what appears to be happening. The small investors panic, sell, and then the big guys pick up the shares. You'll see the big buying the end of the week. Earnings and options expiring. It will be a very interesting end of the week!