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  • burnintoo burnintoo Aug 16, 2007 10:15 AM Flag

    New BRKS CEO

    is old HELX CEO? By which I mean the HELX CEO before Jim Gentilcore was HELX CEO. Very strange.

    Well, at least they got an industry veteran who knows the company. Leposfsky is 62 or 63 by now. But what about Gentilcore, 8 years younger?

    I wonder if this is the result of a wink-and-a-nod deal when Helix was taken over? Or Gentilcore isn't considered ready at BRKS; all he did to prove himself at HELX was sell the company, too cheap some including me say! I say it again, very strange.

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    • You arrrre welcome!

    • Dear Dr. Evil,

      Sir, I owe you many thanks! Your coherent and persuasive post led me to realize that BRKS is in fact that rare company that gets all the breaks and can do no wrong. I feel better knowing that I have your keen intellect thinking for me.

      Three cheers for BRKS: Rah, Rah, RRRRRaaaaahhhhhh!

    • Great news! I was a HELIX holder - a smaller company that got gobbled up by BRKS. After all the bad press BRKS leaders have had, it's great to see a straight shooter like
      Lepofsky taking the helm - maybe the old HELX took BRKS after all ;-)

    • Dear Burnin Retard,

      bubbles cannot be fact-free. They are only the result of a sustained adoption of subjective facts, such as your subjective fact-free 'reality'. Rational expectations are never real, but mere potentiality, so any view, wheteher 'rosy' or not, shall never be contrasted with reality or objective fact.

      Stop being a cheerleader of your own flawed logic, and limit yourself to making money if you can. Clown!

    • Bet the Fed just loves Mr. M for
      using the R word, but at least he admits
      "been wrong before" so might be this time

    • Hi B2,

      Interesting insights. My bet is more bear/recession than correction, partly on the belief that the inverted yield curve still is a decent indicator. But I've got to admit, I don't have a clue how to weight Global vs USA, lot of uncertainty right there. Sorry I'm stuck without time to write, just scanning news items, this link looked relevant to my last post. Decided to go back to my roots with nmoil, damonkey handle was a bit too goofy, but it was easy to spot in a list of posts for diary/notes purposes.

      Regards, NM

      ps-Your arguement here, somebody denied the existence of a semicon cycle? That's kinda like saying that supply-demand-capacity-utilization aren't words in the dictionary. It does seem to get flatter with time, not like the good ol' 90s, but I'm glad to see the cycle is still alive and well.

    • BRKS generate 40% of its sales outside USA.

    • Hi nmoil. Good to see you again. As you can see I've already made many new friends here. I assume you dropped the rest of your handle because it was too long to type?

      I am firmly in the camp that this is just a market correction. Agree that housing and everything directly related will be weak a long time, but that is just wringing out the excesses (real estate is the only business I know that could double prices in 5 years then when they drop back 10% call it a bargain; well, besides the brokerage business). Still, the death of the American consumer has been vastly overreported before. And the rest of the world will keep us out of a real downturn.

      But I am trying to increase my foreign exposure, which I think will grow faster than here (can we really expect relative wealth to accumulate in the US vs the rest of the world forever when we're already much richer?) As world interest rates continue to rise but US rates fall to bail out bad loans, the dollar will continue down IMHO. Trying to stick to companies with significant sales overseas or ADRs, where those foreign profits are even more dollars. Like BRKS, or more so.

      Boy I hope we don't need to wait 3 years for 18-20. Overseas demand will send the semi cycle back up well before then IMHO.

    • Burnintoo,

      fwiw, got a little in here recently, 13.99. Guess we'll hold that for an eventual 18-20, 1-3 years? Macro econ looks pretty scary to me, kinda like 2001, no? Without the housing card to play going forward.


    • Interesting. Too bad though. Well, better to decide that now than realize it after Gentilcore's been CEO for 5 years.

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