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  • magickirk magickirk May 9, 2008 12:29 PM Flag

    Sold yesterday

    I didn't think the earnings looked as well as they should have yesterday so I sold my shares. Oddly, the market didn't seem to be bothered by the earnings yesterday. Today it is off, but this stock has swings like this regularly. I might jump back in after I believe it bottoms out. Any other thoughts? Is there something that I missed that makes others more optimistic?

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    • I think you probably did the right thing.
      BRKS is such a resoundingly mediocre company that's it's tough to have any faith in it.
      Lepofsky may indeed turn this sluggard
      around, but even at the most optimistic, that'll
      take awhile. And don't forget, he himself was
      part of the problem here. In the meantime
      there's so many more attractive companies in
      the semi equipment business. I have no enthusiasm for BRKS, but should the shares
      fall to $8 or so, I might add more. But even
      at that price it would require holding one's
      nose. A lackluster company in a cutthroat

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