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    • I won't say a whole lot but I can say that IMHO the company is run by what I think are some of the most honest, brightest, dedicated minds, both hardware and software, in the industry.

      As far as 200 vs 300mm, a topic hotly debated in the AYST message board, believe what you want. From working in the recording heads wafer industry for some time, I can say when you move to a larger wafer size (in that case it was 3" to 6"), scrap gets ALOT more expensive. How do you prevent it? Tight product and equipment control. How do you do that? Certainly not via cleanroom paper and pencil.


    • Mssr. Knot,

      Please remember... BRKS has been throwing away its balance sheet with all these acquisitions... you must calculate these numbers on a BAAI basis to do a real cash flow EPS analysis that is meaningful...

    • I can only state experiences I have had relative to lockout periods. And granted the sample size is small and I will accept that a company may be extremely sensitive to any appearance of impropriety. Especially if senior management has in the past run into a problem with any company they may have worked with (and no I am not casting dispersions on BRKS sr. mgt.) As a point of clarification, all companies with an employee investigated for alleged insider trading are not delisted from the exchanges. If this were the case we could reduce the number of legal firms represented shareholders by a hundred-fold.

    • Based on the SEC registered and audited 10k (FY2000) and 10Q (2001 ist qtr) the diluted EPS is as follows.

      Q1 .22
      Q2 .12
      Q3 .14
      Q4 .29

      Q1 .28

      Q2 audited numbers are not available and the press releases only give numbers excluding acquistion costs.

      Even excluding Q2, the ttm eps would be .73 with a cooresponing P/E at 60 of 82. Which is out of line with industry expectations.

    • Whineknot: You can believe anything you want, it does not make it right. Even when a Brooks employee indicated that the lockout was companywide, you chose to not believe him.

      To answer your question about SEC problems at Brooks : I have been following this company for several years (guess what: I work there too), and I have not seen a single problem with SEC. Companies with SEC problems do not generally make it to S&P indexes.

      And no, not everybody was selling yesterday, but consider this: There has been a 5% reduction in senior management salaries starting May. There have also been some headcount reduction in some business units. If people sell off some of their options to cover their bills, it does not change the fundamentals of the company.

      Once again (as always), I don't make any suggestion on the stock price of BRKS, but I simply wanted to set the record straight.

    • Republicans approve 1.3T tax cut, Naz jumps to +54 in the afternoon, BRKS stays down 4+. The jigs up. Whoever pumped this 110+PE beast up to 60 is now rapidly getting out.

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