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  • pooni_poooni_noogie pooni_poooni_noogie Dec 23, 2010 10:10 AM Flag

    Know what Ol Pooon smells

    another OFFERING comin on.
    Would NOT be surprised to see muuuuuuuuupile come out with
    another.... what are they up to now double GG
    dilute this stock more boys thats the game muuuuuupile
    plays best

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    • in the face of declining prices

      Samsung is their biggest competitor. Buy American!

    • why would anyone do an equity offering when the are sitting on 2bn in cash. fool you are

      • 3 Replies to john.bayne98
      • oh better answer to that question
        Takes a LOT of money to play in this game.
        CAPEX spending can eat that 2 bn in an instant.
        And I don't think INTC gonna give one more penny.
        What better play than to go begging to the tuts with the same BS straws the P U M P E R S like to bring from the Field Of Dreams

      • John B that is a good question...
        But muuuuupile has in the past...
        I will give you this it is remote chance.
        When was the last one BTW and what was the CASH on hand.
        You know and I know that has been the main way they have raised operating cash to meet daily costs.

      • Micron Can Withstand Plunging DRAM Prices, Says Auriga

        Auriga analyst Daniel Berenbaum this morning reiterated a Buy rating on Micron Technology (MU) and an $11 price target, writing that the company’s in much better shape to weather plunging DRAM prices.

        DRAM bit demand is only 40% to 50%, which is below the expected 50% to 60% implied by historical trends. That’s crushed prices, even though there’s little additional capacity being added to global DRAM supply.

        The good thing for Micron is that its costs are 25% lower than other manufacturers. Pricing may improve in the second half of next year, and overall Berenbaum sees Micron making money on this cycle of DRAM — to the tune of $2 billion in free cash flow over the next two years.

        Berenbaum cut his EPS estimate, and his already among the lowest: he thinks weak DRAM prices will force Micron profit down to 36 cents per share in the year ending next August, which is well below his original estimate of 48 cents. However, the Street is still expecting something on the order of $1.03 per share!

        For that reason, Berenbaum sees Micron shares deserving a premium to book value. He sets an $11 price target based on 1.3 times his estimate for $8.50 per share in book value in the fiscal year ending August of 2012.

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